How to create a fashionable and stylish look for the beach

For drawing up beach images, each woman, for sure, has a separate shelf with clothes. It is there, next to the swimsuits, that mini shorts, bold tops, transparent sundresses and breathtaking colors of beach pareos are stored. If you are going to replenish your beach wardrobe with new clothes, we suggest that you familiarize yourself with the current trends in beach fashion for the summer of 2021.

Beachwear relevant in the summer of 2021

Beach fashion is inextricably linked with current trends inherent in casual wear. To look not only beautiful, but also fashionable on the coast, you should pay attention to the latest trends:

  • oversized style – relevant for tunics, blouses, voluminous summer trousers, sundresses;
  • voluminous sleeves – summer chiffon blouses with flounced sleeves look incredibly stylish and airy;
  • asymmetry – looks stylish on one-shoulder blouses, beveled hem of a sundress;
  • translucency – clothes made of translucent fabrics look coquettish and very appropriate on the beach;
  • cropped things – we are talking about mini skirts, short playful sundresses, crop tops, ultra-short shorts;
  • ethnic motifs – clothes of similar colors are not only relevant in 2021, but also very appropriate in beach fashion;
  • denim – where without stylish blue shorts;
  • white color and delicate nude shades – such a palette protects from hot sunlight and looks great on tanned skin.

We offer a selection of images for the beach using the latest summer fashion trends.


Translucent light fabrics, lace, bright summer colors, voluminous sleeves – all this is embodied in a beach tunic. Such clothes are a fashionable magic wand when drawing up a stylish bow. The image is very feminine and airy. A tunic is worn over a bathing suit.

Models of various lengths and colors are in trend. You can choose a tunic complete with a swimsuit – in the same style and color. And you can choose a white lace model – it looks very feminine and beautiful.


A beach sundress is light shades, simple styles, original prints. Fashionistas can take a closer look at plain models with ties on the shoulders, striped maxi-length sundresses, bright models in ethnic wrap motifs. Any of the above options will create a truly comfortable image, will make you feel like a real lady. For the beach, it is best to choose sundresses made of chiffon, cotton, chintz, linen.


It is impossible to imagine a summer wardrobe without shorts. This year, all kinds of styles are in fashion – from denim mini to voluminous Bermuda. It is better if they are loose models with a high waist. They are worn with printed t-shirts, crop tops, T-shirts.


As for blouses, here the undisputed favorites are models with ruffles, flounces, voluminous sleeves. In beach fashion, the leading positions are occupied by products of white flowers and other light shades. Light chiffon fabrics, lace inserts, an open back, an asymmetrical one-shoulder collar – all this makes the look mega feminine, light and seductive.

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This version of clothing has become so entrenched in the women’s wardrobe that now it can even be worn to the beach. To protect yourself from the scorching sun, choose models made from natural fabrics. To create a trendy bow, take a closer look at the bright printed suits of trousers and a top. A snow-white set consisting of a T-shirt and trousers with an embossed pattern will look very impressive.


Today, overalls are present in the arsenal of any fashionista. This is one of the most practical clothing options – it looks amazing, and you do not need to think about the selection and combination of top and bottom. For a hot beach, you can pick up short overalls with shorts, with thin spaghetti straps. Also elongated models will look interesting. Bright sequins, floral motifs, stripes, ethnic style – this decor is perfect for creating a stylish summer look with overalls.


You can easily go to the beach in trousers. However, in this case, you should choose the most free style and breathable fabrics. Models with ties or elastic are ideal. Bright printed trousers look stylish, as well as options made in a delicate palette of white, beige and pink colors. As for the style, it can be straight options, fixed on the bottom with an elastic band, as well as trendy palazzos.

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No beach look is complete without accessories. For the summer they are also special.

  • In 2021, all kinds of hats and panamas are in fashion. Pay attention to straw models and fabric accessories with interesting prints. They perfectly protect the head and hair from the harmful effects of the sun and add zest to the image.
  • Sunglasses are another fashion accessory that is hard to do without on the beach. Today, women of fashion choose models of an unusual shape, voluminous, narrow – here everyone has the right to choose a model to their taste.
  • Jewelry – voluminous plastic and metal bracelets and beads are very appropriate in beach fashion. Give preference to an accessory in a marine style, with weaving and anchors. You can decorate not only the arms and neck, but also the legs. A neat anklet profile looks very attractive.

Now you know how to create a fashionable look for the beach, what things and accessories to include in it to look trendy and stylish in 2021.

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