How to create a fashionable look from old things

Often girls are interested in how to create a fashionable look from old things. It happens that there are a lot of things in the closet, but there is nothing to wear. In order not to spend money on new clothes every time, you can effectively use the old one. The material tells about how to bring back the relevance of outdated things, and with what details to make the image stylish.

The second life of old things

Each season has its own trends that fashionistas try to buy up. Such novelties are usually worn a couple of times and remain on the shelf. If you have outdated clothes, stylists have figured out how to revive them.

A tight-fitting turtleneck or T-shirt is perfect for creating a layered outfit. Under the remaining layers, the cut will not be visible. This technique has been used by many designers for several seasons in a row. Wear a shirt, jacket or dress over an outdated T-shirt. If it’s cold outside, a jacket or coat will do. To create an informal look for a walk with friends, you can throw on / tie a sweater or sweatshirt on top.

Long cardigans were in the wardrobe of every fashionista. Now they can be tucked into trousers / skirt or cut and hemmed. Such a thing is suitable for jeans, skirts and dresses, depending on the weather.

If you have a dress of an outdated model, then a voluminous jacket of a free cut or a sweater will help to fix it. A belt at the waist completes the look. You can also cut off a thing that is too long or make it into a top or skirt, or a new dress. In some cases, going to a seamstress will be more profitable than buying new fashion items.

In the case of outerwear, it will be a little more difficult. Try to initially choose classic models of a simple style. If you have a bologna vest lying around, then it is suitable for a layered bow. And you will be warm, and the image will look stylish.

What girl didn’t have skinny jeans? Most stylists are sure that such a wardrobe item has lost its relevance. If the model favorably emphasizes your figure, and the fabric looks relevant, you can safely create new bows with them.

Skinny in combination with a voluminous hoodie or sweater that covers the hips is suitable for walking and hiking in nature. This outfit will look appropriate with large sneakers. If desired, you can add a hat, cap or sunglasses.

This season, skinny jeans will also look good with masculine-cut shirts, cropped jeans, or chunky blazers. Based on the weather conditions, you can take sandals or rough boots on your feet. In such a combination, skinny will look appropriate and stylish.

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New look with old clothes

To create a fashionable look from old things, sometimes it’s enough just to add one spectacular thing to the outfit. This block talks about the details that will help transform an outfit from outdated things.

  1. Handkerchief.

An excellent investment in creating a stylish wardrobe will be a small, neat scarf. This accessory is suitable for creating elegant and daring looks. In the first case, it is enough to carefully tie a scarf around the tail or wrap it in the form of a scarf. For a party, you can wear a scarf like a bandana. In addition, in hot weather, such a detail will help protect yourself from sunstroke. For more feminine bows, silk products are suitable, and for bold ones, cotton ones. Any image, complemented by a scarf, will look more modern.

  1. Bra.

Not so long ago, lace bras came into fashion. In the latest fashion collections, this product is actively used as an independent element of the image. If you have several well-fitting models, you can use them. A cute bra can be worn under a voluminous knitted sweater or complemented with a classic office suit. This combination will make the image feminine and sexy. The lace detail will favorably overshadow the outdated style of other things.

  1. Sandals.

In this case, the outfit is completely based on shoes. For the first time, the new trend was used at the fashion show of the Bottega Veneta brand. It was here that wide trousers tucked into straps from sandals appeared. This method has become popular among most fashionistas. If you have old flared or straight trousers, then wear them with sandals in this way. For the right effect, shoes must have a closure or tie at the ankles. Thus, the old thing will get a second wind, and you will be in line with fashion trends.

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  1. Monochrome bow.

This is one of the most effective tricks for saving old things. Monochrome has been in the top of stylish trends for several years. Among outdated clothes, find items in the same color scheme. Add the right decorations to them and get a trendy bow. If you don’t want to be a pink or blue blot, then you can always resort to the standard black and white palette. You can also look at things in nude color.

  1. Vietnamese.

Designers are sure that such shoes are suitable not only for beach walks. At fashion shows, flip flops were repeatedly used to create daring extraordinary outfits. Have you thought about beach shorts and pareos? No, try to make an eccentric combination. Flip flops together with an evening dress, a business suit or a light skirt will look like a stylish author’s idea. In a formal bow with such shoes, the irrelevance of things will not be noticeable.

Now you know the secret of how to create a fashionable look from old things. This knowledge will help you look your best even in the absence of fashionable novelties.

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