How to create a stylish look with over the knee boots in 2020

How to wear over the knee boots in the fall of 2020 to look trendy and stylish? Such shoes allow you to make any look more feminine and attractive, but to make it also modern, you should take into account the new rules of 2020.

Top Ideas

With sweater dress

The classic formula for a stylish fall look is a combination of high boots and a sweater dress. A similar bow was in demand among fashionistas many years ago, but by the 2020 season it has not lost its relevance either. True, some of the nuances that give the ensemble a modern interpretation have changed.

So, now stylists recommend giving preference to free oversized styles, because tight knitted dresses have completely lost their relevance. Shoes in this image can have a loose fit or tight to the leg – it all depends on the preferences of the fashionista.

If you add a waist belt to a loose sweater dress, you can get a more feminine bow, which can be a great idea for a romantic date.

Stylists provide a separate recommendation on how to wear over the knee boots in the fall of 2020 for women of short stature. With fragile miniature parameters, it makes sense to create a sacred color vertical in the image, which perfectly lengthens the silhouette. For example, to implement this technique, you can pick up a dark dress, the same shoes and translucent dark tights. The combination of mini length and high heels will also do the trick, and you will visually appear taller.

You can wear over the knee boots with a short dress in tandem with a midi-length coat. Top model Hailey Baldwin demonstrates a similar bow. The girl loves to use provocative outfits that emphasize the attractiveness of the figure, and this image is strong evidence. Such a contrast of length not only looks impressive, but also visually makes the legs almost endless. Are we armed?

Keep in mind that the mini length in combination with high boots always looks bold and bright. Accordingly, it is better to keep such an image in a basic neutral palette so as not to overload it.

With a flower dress

Fashion trends for autumn 2020 also suggest wearing over the knee boots in a duet with a boho-style dress with a floral print. A similar pattern is also appropriate in the cold season, but for this time it is better to choose outfits with plants on a dark background. Combining such a dress with high boots, you can easily create a feminine and delicate outfit.

With a jacket dress

She is also a fashionable model of a dress that looks spectacular in tandem with over the knee boots – this is a style a la jacket. This cut has gained popularity several seasons ago due to its ability to make the figure more slender and feminine. If you combine a short dress with high boots, you get an expressive and unforgettable outfit.

With jeans

The fall 2020 fashion trends confirm that wearing boots with tucked-in jeans is not only possible, but also necessary! A similar technique works best in images where the over the knee boots are presented with a fairly free bootleg. At the same time, jeans can have a classic straight cut – it is this style that fits most easily into high boots.

Theoretically, in the 2020 season, it is appropriate to repeat a stylish bow with over the knee boots and skinny jeans. However, it should be borne in mind that such a cut is far from the first place in the list of current trends. What can I say – he’s not even in the top ten. That is why it makes sense to beat it due to fashionable components. Stylists suggest that paired with skinny jeans and similar shoes, a loose top will work most advantageously.

For example, a fashionista can rely on a spacious tunic sweater – this is always a win-win option. As it gets colder, you can add your favorite outerwear to it – such layering will also follow the creation of a voluminous effect.

With trousers

For women over 45, stylists recommend wearing over the knee boots in the fall of 2020 in combination with trendy trousers. It is logical that such clothes will have to be tucked into shoes, so it is better to choose laconic straight or tight trousers. In order not to visually “cut” the leg, it is worth maintaining a similar color of pants and over the knee boots. As a top for such a stylish look, you can choose a loose flannel shirt, sweater, sweatshirt or hoodie.

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With leather leggings

The most daring fashionistas can try on a combination of over the knee boots with leather leggings this fall. This combination will create a particularly daring and spectacular look. Only in planning such an image should one take into account the harmonious play of textures, because not every girl will decide on a combination of leather shoes and similar trousers. If you don’t like such a tandem, you can pick up suede over the knee boots for leather leggings – such a pair looks restrained and relevant.

With a skirt

In the 2020 season, mini-length skirts remain the undisputed favorite, which have long proven themselves well in combination with over the knee boots. Adjusted for the autumn weather, stylists recommend choosing models from dense tweed, denim or leather – they are all equally relevant now.

If the skirt is presented in a fairly loose style, it will look most advantageous in a duet with a free top. For example, your choice might fall on a loose sweater with a high neck. The skirt itself is better to choose not in a narrow, but in a straight or flared cut.

The midi length is also undeniably good in combination with over the knee boots, although it hides the main highlight of the shoe. If you do not want to let this happen, take a closer look at the skirt with a vertical slit – it is now at the top of the trends, plus it does not mask the beauty and elegance of high boots.

A midi-length skirt with a straight cut can also make great friends with over the knee boots. If you complement this look with a classic white shirt, you can beat this look for office fashion too.

Long skirts are not worn in combination with over the knee boots. An exception can be made only for a model with a high slit or for an extraordinary novelty with a transparent insert on the hem.

With a shirt

Girls who have an elongated shirt in their arsenal definitely won the 2020 season. If such a thing has an actual loose fit, it can turn into a flirty mini-length dress with a flick of the wrist. To put this technique into practice, you can complement the usual oversized shirt with a belt or belt. It is worth emphasizing that such a maneuver looks good only on slender girls who are not afraid to be in the spotlight.

If desired, such a fashionable image can be made even more interesting. To do this, unbutton a few top buttons on the shirt and lower the collar over one shoulder. In this case, you need to take care of the presence of the lower layer by picking up a shirt, turtleneck or T-shirt.

With sweatshirt

Stylists emphasize that there is no better tandem for narrow high boots, …

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