How to curl your hair correctly

Perhaps there is no such woman who would not be interested in this question! And first of all, this topic is relevant for owners of straight and naughty hair.

There are many ways to curl your hair, but the main ones are curling your hair with curlers and curling with a curling iron. Consider in more detail, after all, how to wind your hair correctly and which method suits your haircut and hair type.

How to curl your hair using curlers

Let’s start with the simplest method, using curlers – this will be one of the healthiest and correct methods.

First you need to opt for the curlers themselves – these can be thermal curlers, Velcro curlers, foam rubber curlers, boomerang curlers, curlers with a velor coating.

Also, when choosing suitable curlers, you should pay attention not only to their appearance, but also to the diameter. Smaller curlers are more suitable for short hair, to give a short hairstyle extra volume, you need to opt for medium diameter curlers. Also medium diameter curlers are suitable for medium length hair and creating waves on long hair. Large diameter curlers are well suited for long hair to add splendor and volume, but small diameter curlers on long hair will create an extraordinary lush volume.

We have already chosen curlers, and now we will find out how to wind them correctly.

Before curling, wash your hair, apply a fixing agent of your choice, which will make it easier for you to wind it up and help you keep the curls for a longer time and give them an even more attractive look.

You will need a comb with a long thin end, it is needed for even separation of the strands.

You need to wind the strand no more than five centimeters wide, if you have long curlers, then make sure that the width of the strand does not exceed the length of the tube.

Attention should be paid to the ends of the hair, they must be attached to the curlers and twisted so that they do not get out of the strand, otherwise the end of the strand may turn out to be a crease that can spoil the look of the styling.

You should wind the hair evenly, slightly pulling the strand, but not too zealous, you do not need to fasten the curlers closely to the head, as this damages the hair roots, which is completely undesirable.

Before winding, the hair should be divided into zones, starting from the back of the head, then the side parts and already at the end – the bangs line. Also, do not wind your hair too wet, then drying your hair will take a long time.

After removing the curlers, the hair must be carefully combed and given the desired shape, if necessary, hairspray is applied for better fixation. The longest styling with the help of curlers is kept on porous hair, which quickly absorbs moisture.

How to curl your hair with a curling iron

Now let’s move on to the curling iron method.

You need to use a curling iron with a correctly selected diameter of the tongs, since the size and thickness of the curls depend on it, the larger the curl, the larger the diameter of the tongs. It is best to take a ceramic-coated curling iron, as it burns the hair less, and it is not recommended to use metal-coated curling irons at all – they spoil the hair structure.

Before you start curling your hair with a curling iron, you must remember that the hair must be clean and completely dry, the presence of any styling products on the hair is not recommended, since under the influence of high temperature they will burn and the hair will stick to the curling iron. Before curling, be sure to apply some kind of heat protectant to the hair to reduce the damage from the curling iron and somehow protect them from exposure to high temperatures, carefully apply the product to the ends of the hair, as they are prone to splitting and brittleness.

First you need to select and stab the main zones – the temporal, parietal (which runs from the top of the head to the forehead) and the back of the head.

You need to start winding from the back of the head, while moving from the bottom up (that is, first we wind the lower strands of hair, and then the upper ones). On the back of the head, the strands need to be divided into several more sections.

Take a thin strand of hair, take the tongs and place them at the roots of the strand of hair in a vertical position, take the strand by the tip and pull it vertically to the roots. And holding the strand in this position, you should begin to gently wind it onto the curling iron from the bottom up and spirally, from the roots to the ends, while the tongs should be kept still all this time and, twisting the strand, gently pinch its tip with the curling iron, making sure that it does not bent and was in the right direction. Hold the strand for 20 seconds, no more, then gently unwind, and you will get a beautiful clear curl.

After curling the occipital zone, you should move on to the temporal, at the end, proceed to curling the zone from the crown to the forehead.

Having wound all the hair in this way, you should not touch it for several minutes so that the curls take on the appearance and are fixed in the desired position. After they need to be combed with a comb with rare teeth and treated with any styling product.

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