How to curl your hair with a straightener

After you learn how to curl your hair with a straightener in our article, your home styling world will never be the same again! Are you ready for this twist?


Features of ironing

  • The first step in any styling is washing your hair and drying it completely. The use of ironing is possible only on absolutely dry hair, otherwise it will not be possible to avoid their brittleness and dullness.

  • A mandatory item of the program will be the use of thermal protection. These miracle helpers can not only protect the strands from the damaging effects of high temperatures, but also give them a healthy shine and promote styling resistance.

Thermal protection for your hair

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  • Temperature control will also be important. If the condition of your hair can hardly be called excellent, set the value to 110-130 degrees. But thick hair is unlikely to succumb to such a value – even 180 degrees can be used for styling it.

  • Hold the device perpendicular to the head so that the curls are elastic and beautiful.

  • The undoubted advantage of using a flat iron is its wonderful effect on the hair – even without the use of additional cosmetics, they become soft, shiny and silky.
  • The ideal choice of flat iron for straightening is a device with a Teflon or ceramic coating. This property will guarantee that the hair will not be electrified, and the harm to them will be minimal. The optimal width of the plates of the device is 2-5 cm.

Professional iron – hair straightener Kemei GB-KM 2139 with ceramic coating

[stextbox id=’info’]Before styling, do not forget to take into account your type of face. With a round shape, flirtatious small curls are shown, and for girls with an elongated face, we recommend creating wavy and large curls.[/stextbox]

Light curls from the face

The world of fashion in recent seasons is ruled by naturalness and naturalness. In this regard, we firmly declare that small and elastic curls, filled with tons of varnish, are an unambiguous anti-trend.

Now, fashionistas are held in high esteem by light and romantic styling with airy curls. This styling looks very gentle when the curls are directed away from the face, making its features more expressive. This step-by-step instruction with a photo will teach you how to create such beauty on your hair.

  • Take a fairly wide strand near the face, place it in the iron approximately in the center.
  • Turn the device away from your face.
  • Scroll the device again in the selected direction.
  • When you reach the ends of your hair, take out a strand and take on the next curl.
  • The final touch is fixing the hairstyle with varnish. Make sure that the product does not glue individual strands, otherwise the natural styling idea will be spoiled.

Express Method

This instruction will be a real find for those who are in a hurry, but still want to be beautiful. Record the time!

  • Divide the hair into 2 halves (if time permits, you can increase this number).
  • Treat your hair with mousse or styling foam.
  • Twist each part into a tight bundle and run a heated iron over it.
  • Fluff up the curls with your hands and go conquer the world with such natural and naughty curls.

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Laying on a square

Happy owners of a short haircut should definitely have a flat iron in their beauty arsenal. This device will take care of the volume and the most trendy styling of the new season – light textured curls. Remember the simple technology of how to curl your hair with a straightening iron on a bob haircut and be sure to repeat it in practice!

  • Divide the hair into 2 parts using a horizontal parting.
  • We start creating curls from the bottom. Select the first strand near the face, place it in the iron just below the roots, holding the device perpendicular to the head. Unfold the device as shown in the photo and pull it down.

  • Leave this curl to dry and move on to the next one.
  • After the bottom half, gradually curl the top section of your hair.

Careless curls for long hair

With such styling, no one will guess that you spent so much time in front of the mirror in the company of ironing. Everyone will think: “She must have such gorgeous and voluminous hair by nature” and give you compliments!

  • Start styling from the front strands. Take the first curl, mark it in the iron at the tip and wind the iron in an upward direction. In this case, the device should be placed perpendicular to the head.
  • In this way, wind each curl.
  • Particular attention should be paid to the front strands. Fix their creases with an iron, indicating the direction “from the face”.

Stunning results with foil

On the occasion of the celebration, you can try on the image of the queen. Luxurious curls will perfectly complement your festive role! We warn you right away – such styling will take a lot of time, but the result will definitely justify all the efforts spent!

  • First, prepare a few squares of foil.
  • Grab the first small curl from your face, wind it around your finger and press it with a piece of foil.
  • Then hold this section under the iron for 30 seconds and release.
  • Remove the foil, but do not touch the curl – let it cool itself and take the desired shape.

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[stextbox id=’info’]Interesting! You can pre-divide your hair into 2 parts using a horizontal parting and start curling your hair from the bottom half. From this approach, the appearance of styling will only benefit![/stextbox]

  • In this way, curl each curl, and when all the strands have cooled, fix your efforts with hairspray.

Light curls with braids

Surely every girl is familiar with the romantic and feminine effect that pigtails give. But you have to wait so long to get it! We have an idea to speed up this cute styling process!

Of course, the good old iron comes to the rescue again. To get light curls in the style of a beach styling, divide all the hair into 3-4 zones and braid them into pigtails. Then spray your hair with thermal protection and go through the pigtails with an iron, moving from roots to ends. When your hair is cool, undo the braids and enjoy beautiful styling.


Who would have thought that elastic and spectacular curls can be obtained with the help of an object that is completely not intended for this – a pencil. If you want to create such a mischievous styling, the first thing to do is to find a pencil that matches the length of your hair. Of course, this will be easiest for owners of short hair.

  • Comb your hair well. If you have excellent density, we advise you to divide it into upper and lower parts and curl your hair gradually.
  • Select the first thin strand and spiral it around the pencil. It is important to ensure that individual curls do not …

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