How to detangle tangled hair easily

Almost any tangled hair can be combed, so rushing after scissors immediately after you see a knot on them is not worth it. How to save your hair from tangles and never face them again, we will tell in this article.

We save your hair

Method 1. Unraveling small knots.

Let’s get started if:

  • hair is slightly tangled;
  • curls are not damaged;
  • you hurry.

Sit comfortably, as you will most likely spend 10 minutes on this procedure. You don’t need to pre-wet your hair. Start slowly getting a couple of hairs out of the tangle. The pulling movements must be from the bottom up towards the roots, otherwise you risk pulling your hair out by pulling it down sharply. So, hair by hair, you free the curls from captivity.

If you are in a hurry and you don’t have 10 minutes, you can resort to using a comb with rare teeth to eliminate a small tangle. In this case, you need to comb, starting from the ends of the hair and ending with their basal part. However, in this case, you still risk tearing your hair from stress. To make the process less painful and save as much hair as possible, it is recommended to use special sprays that do not require rinsing. Just apply this spray on your hair and comb it through.

Method 2. Releasing hair from a round comb.

Let’s get started if:

  • the hair on the comb is slightly tangled;
  • curls are not damaged;
  • you hurry.

If the hair is tangled on the comb, then you must first apply vegetable oil to them or shampoo along with conditioner. Then, after waiting 10 minutes, start twisting the comb. If the hair cannot be released in this way, try to pull out small strands, moving from the edge of the comb to its center.


Method 3. Unraveling large knots.

Let’s get started if:

  • hair is very tangled;
  • the mat is large;
  • curls are damaged;
  • you have dry hair;
  • Methods 1 and 2 do not work for you.

To tidy up heavily tangled hair, you need to do the following.

  1. Lightly dampen hair with a spray bottle. If you don’t have one, turn on the shower on a low jet and spray your hair a little so that it becomes damp, but not wet.
  2. Use a special hair product. It is best to have a deep hydrating conditioner on hand as it will help you to detangle and detangle different types of hair easily without damaging their structure. If such a tool is not at hand, take a regular hair conditioner or vegetable oil of your choice (coconut, olive or argan). Apply the selected product on the palm of your hand, and then distribute the strand by strand, not forgetting the ends of the hair.
  3. Wait for the hair product to take effect. If you are using a regular hair conditioner, waiting a few minutes is enough, but when vegetable oils are used, the waiting time varies from 30 minutes to 2 hours. If you are using a deeply moisturizing conditioner, follow the instructions on the package carefully, as the brand of this product also depends on the time for which it should be left on the hair. Usually such funds are applied for 1 hour, but it happens that the recommended time reaches several hours.
  4. Use your fingers to gently untangle the knots in your hair. If the tangle does not give in to you in any way, do not be discouraged, leave it alone and move on to the next knot.
  5. Using a wide-toothed comb, start combing the hair from the ends, and then gradually move towards the roots. To begin, place the comb slightly above the ends of the hair and slide it down. Unravel the knots one by one, because at once they cannot be overcome without damage to the hair. If the scalp is very sensitive and the combing process causes discomfort, then you need to take the unraveling strand, hold it between your fingers and twist it, and then comb your hair. You can add a little more oil or conditioner to the knot to make it easier to unravel.
  6. If you can’t unravel some tangles, cut off the tangled hair, thereby thinning out the naughty strands.
  7. When there are no more large knots left, set the wide-toothed comb aside. The fight against small knots should be continued, armed with a massage comb or a comb with fine teeth. Comb small knots in the same way as you combed large knots until you finally say goodbye to them.
  8. After detangling, the hair should be washed. It is better to divide them into strands and rinse each of them separately.


Forget about tangled hair

If knots in your hair are a common problem, don’t limit yourself to untangling them. In order not to constantly waste your time fighting tangles, you need to follow some simple rules for hair care.


  • If you are the owner of thin long hair, then it is better not to wear it loose, but to choose the appropriate hairstyles.
  • Don’t go to bed with your hair down. Make a simple hairstyle (bun, braid), however, make sure that the hair is not pulled tight, otherwise the strands, although not tangled, will fall out. Follow the same rule when doing household chores.
  • Cut split ends 1-2 per month.
  • Avoid bouffants.
  • Try not to constantly use hair sprays, mousses and sprays. If you can’t do without them, wash your hair thoroughly every day.
  • If long curls are very difficult for you to curb, try to make a short haircut.

Washing head.

  • Wash your hair in the shower, do not tilt it over the tub or basin.
  • Choose the right shampoo. Perhaps volumizing shampoo is best avoided in the store.
  • Always use balms, conditioners and masks. These cosmetics make the hair structure heavier, and as a result, they are much less tangled.
  • To soften hard water, boil it or add vinegar to it (a spoonful of 5 liters).

Hair care after shampooing.

  • After you have washed your hair, pat it dry with a towel and toss it back. Wrapping a towel around your head or rubbing your hair with it is not worth it, because the fleecy fabric will only complicate the problem more.
  • Do not comb wet hair, especially if you have long hair.
  • Let your hair dry on its own, not with a hair dryer.
  • If your hair gets tangled a lot, look at the store for special detangling products, sprays, and express conditioners. They are usually very easy to use. They are applied to the strands after drying, hold for several minutes, and then comb tangled hair without difficulty.

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