How to determine the type of facial skin

Probably, it will not be a secret for anyone that before choosing the right skin care for you, you need to correctly determine its type. After all, it is based on this that you can choose an effective care program, as well as choose cosmetics. So, first things first.

As a rule, the skin is conditionally divided into three main types: oily, dry and normal. But there is also a mixed, fourth, type. This, in turn, depends on the fatty natural lubrication on the skin and the amount of moisture.

Normal skin looks the most attractive. Since she is healthy, she looks clean and fresh, very elastic, there is no peeling and unhealthy shine. The skin of normal type is evenly supplied with blood and due to this it has a pink tint, smooth and elastic to the touch. Since the content of moisture and fatty lubrication is normal, black dots and pores are not visible on this type of skin. Unfortunately, the owners of a normal skin type are extremely rare.

Oily skin type is characterized by excessive shine due to excess greasiness and lack of blood supply. This results in clogging of the pores. Skin of this type is prone to acne and pimples, often has a dirty look. And sharply enlarged pores are often closed with black dots. Usually, before the “critical days”, the skin becomes especially oily, inflammation appears.

Although all this has its pluses. Due to the abundant release of fat, a protective film is created that does not allow moisture to pass from the surface of the skin and prevents the penetration of harmful substances, therefore, it does not give in to aging for a long time. But with age, by the age of 30, oily skin usually becomes mixed.

Dryness of the skin can be of different origin, and for this reason, its appearance varies. In young and middle age, dry skin looks natural. During this period, dry skin has a delicate appearance and appears thin with a matte finish. The pores on it are almost invisible, but small wrinkles are already visible at an early age. In some cases, without proper care, the skin is flaky, there may be a feeling of tightness. Such skin is very sensitive to changes in ambient temperature, suffers from the effects of soaps, ointments and some emollient creams.

But do not forget that excessive dryness of the skin may be due to an insufficient amount of fat in the body in violation of fat metabolism (liver disease, pancreas), or a low amount of food. Even excessive dryness of the skin can be caused by a lack of vitamins, such as A, C, PP.

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