How to diversify monochrome images

In today’s article you will find all the necessary information on how to diversify fashionable and stylish monochrome looks. Total bows are incredibly popular now, because they always look original and incredibly attractive. In addition, images composed in one color slim the figure and stretch the silhouette. However, sometimes such a monochromatic look can look faceless and boring, so here are some tips from stylists that will help make a monochrome look more original.

Features of a monochrome image

Only professional and experienced designers thoroughly understand the intricacies of color theory. Therefore, fashionistas often fail experiments with the search for the perfect and beautiful combination of colors.

In this case, monochrome images become a real lifesaver, relieving fashionistas from having to select colors and shades for hours.

Bows in black look especially stylish and confident – in this case, the girl has no chance to make a mistake.

Also, according to the latest fashion trends, the trend will be monochrome images in blue, red, orange and beige.

Styling Tips for Monochrome Looks

If you prefer monochrome in clothes, then you should know that it is not necessary that all the details in one look be in the same color. Total bow allows the use of shoes, accessories and other wardrobe items in other shades. Next, we will talk about how to properly complement the image with achromats and make the outfit even more original and attractive.

Playing with shades

Monochrome is not necessarily images in one shade. Fashionistas can try experimenting with tones, choosing lighter or darker versions of the same color. Such a bow looks non-trivial, interesting and very stylish. Especially when it comes to bows in light colors of blue, beige, pink.


When drawing up a monochrome bow, shoes can be matched to match the main outfit, or differ significantly from it. Shoes look great in your skin tones, regardless of the base color of the image. For example, pumps in a nude shade can emphasize the style and attractiveness of the bow, focus on other tones. Also, a neutral pair will visually lengthen the legs, make them slimmer.

Stylists say that any monochrome look can be easily diversified with white shoes. These shoes or sneakers will look great with bows in black, green and beige palette.

Images in white, on the contrary, look chic in combination with shoes in black.

Do not be afraid to experiment with contrasting shoes, sneakers and boots, so the outfit will turn out to be more casual and interesting.

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Additional elements in the image can be excellent neutralizers and diversify even the most boring monochrome look that fashionistas wear every day. This technique will make your bow more thoughtful, add originality and emphasize your individuality and sense of style.

As a contrasting accessory, you can use a scarf that is fashionable this season, which is tied in the hair, around the neck, on a handbag or used instead of a belt. Bright glasses, large jewelry, clutches also look very stylish.

Looks interesting in black, complemented by accessories in a red palette.

It can be a narrow belt, a handbag or other bright accessory – it seems nothing special, but this is an excellent option to freshen up the bow and give the missing zest to a plain bow.


This is another trendy and simple trick that stylists recommend using to diversify a monochrome outfit. The game of textures becomes especially relevant in the autumn-winter period. After all, it is at this time of the year that women of fashion combine different things, use layering in images. Try to diversify a single-color bow with a mix of light and coarser fabrics, use the sheen of leather, the texture of suede, velor or velveteen.

Total bow in black – make the image original

One of the most popular options for monochrome images among fashionistas is black clothes. Such things are incredibly versatile, they make the image more elegant, stylish and, importantly, slim and rejuvenate their owner.

To diversify monochrome looks in black, you can use the recommendations above, or you can use the tips that are ideal for such total bows.

Change one of the things to dark blue

Some stylists claim that dark blue does not go well with black, but this is not so. Such a tandem looks very successful, adds volume and style to the image, while allowing you not to leave your individual comfort zone. The combination of black and navy blue is a simple and at the same time successful way to “color” your monochrome look.

Black and white

It is known that black goes well with white. This is another easy way to diversify a monochrome look. True, the tandem of black and white can be dangerous because a fashionista will look like a schoolgirl, office worker or waitress. To prevent this from happening, choose clothes of an original cut and an unusual style. For example, an image with a white shirt and black trousers can be complemented with a blazer or jacket by casually unbuttoning a few top buttons on the shirt.

Neutral shades

Now you know that a black total bow can be easily diversified with clothes in a blue and white palette. Classic neutral tones are also appropriate, for example, gray, pink, camel. Replace one of the things in your image with clothes in one of these shades. Such a slight transformation will allow you to look at the bow in a new way, it will become more original, and at the same time it will not look too flashy.

Outerwear in bright colors

A bright jacket, coat, cloak or cardigan is a great option to give the image originality and catchiness. Such a bow will certainly impress, it will look stylish, fresh and interesting.

Shoes and accessories

To freshen up a casual monochrome bow in black, to make it more interesting and extravagant, pick up bright shoes and accessories. Surely you have a pair of shoes that look too outrageous. They will be the perfect complement to the black total image. A bright and original handbag, hat, scarf and jewelry can play a similar role.

Stylish variants of boring monochrome from celebrities

We hope that thanks to this article you have understood that a monochrome bow does not have to be boring, because it easily gets along with various catchy elements.

We offer some more interesting ideas, which we will consider using the example of celebrities.

Kate Moss

The secret to the perfect image of Kate in black lies in the right…

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