How to do a manicure at home

Well-groomed hands are one of the most important signs of a real lady. In order for your hands to please your eyes and the eyes of others, you need to regularly do a manicure, carefully monitor the condition of your hands and nails. To make your fingers look attractive, there is no need to constantly visit beauty salons, because you can learn how to do your own manicure at home! To do this, you should pay attention to some points and follow a series of simple steps.

Cuticle and skin care

The cuticle is a thin layer of skin located at the base of the nail, framing its hole. It performs a protective function, but since it consists of dead cells, growing, it exfoliates, and unpleasant burrs form. In order to prevent this from happening, the cuticle must be nourished, moisturized, softened with special means (removers) – these are elements of an unedged “European” manicure. The “classic” cut manicure is also used, in which the cuticle is removed with special scissors or forceps. With a classic manicure, moisturizing the area of ​​\u200b\u200bthe nail hole is also required.

When using a remover, you need to be careful, as there are milder and more aggressive products. The aggressive ones include a remover from Sally Hansen. It is desirable to use such a tool on painted nails, the varnish will protect the nail plate from damaging effects. Softer removers are used on a bare nail, for example, removers from Blue Cross, CND, EzFlow. The specified tool is applied to the cuticle area, in the instructions for use you will find the exact exposure time. Usually it is 1-2 minutes. After that, the softened cuticle is peeled off with an orange stick.

With a “classic” edged manicure, high-quality sharpened tools should be used. Before the procedure, you need to make a warm hand bath with salt or a special emollient. It is necessary to cut the cuticle not in pieces, but in one tape. Do not get too carried away and cut deep, the task is to remove dead skin, you should not touch the functioning vessels.

Cuticle removal is carried out on average once a week, but in between manicures you should not forget about it. The use of special oils and creams for the cuticle will allow you to remove it less often and keep your hands in a well-groomed form. Such oils and creams are available in the arsenal of all specialized nail brands, products from EzFlow, Orly, OPI are considered especially popular and effective.

Shape and length of nails

One of the important elements of manicure is giving and maintaining the appropriate length and shape of the nails. If you haven’t decided on a shape yet, you should experiment. The choice of shape is determined in accordance with the shape of the nail hole, your personal preferences and fashion trends. At the moment, the most popular shapes are: square (rectangle), rounded square (rectangle), oval (almond shape).

Don’t be afraid to experiment with the shape! If you don’t like something, you can fix it soon, as nails grow very quickly. In addition, at the peak of the fashionable wave now it is short nails – 1-3 mm from the free edge. Short nails are convenient in everyday life, they look very stylish, the only negative for those whose nails grow very quickly is that they often need to be shortened.

In order for the nails to be beautiful, not to break, not to exfoliate, one should not forget about the use of strengthening bases, as well as choose good tools for shaping. Many do not know that the separation of nails is often due to improper filing. The movements of the nail file should always be directed in one direction, the nail file itself for shortening the length should have a coarser abrasiveness (abrasiveness is determined by the numbers indicated on the nail file itself, the smaller the number, the coarser the nail file) – about 200. After shaping, you should use very with a soft nail file and once again walk along the edge of the nail, then polish the edges of the nail with a special buff or polishing file. Thus, the cut of the nail is sealed and the probability of delamination is practically reduced to zero.

Nail polishes

The most famous nail polishes are colored, but there are also invisible helpers! These are varnish bases and tops for nails. The role of these products is very important, as they protect the nail plate from yellowing (staining in a different color), prolong the durability of the manicure, speed up the drying of the varnish (drying tops), give gloss or dullness, make the nails more durable, level the nail plate (bases). ridge fillers), improve the adhesion of the varnish to the nail plate. In order to determine what exactly to include in your personal arsenal, objectively evaluate your nails according to various parameters: strength / brittleness, smoothness / grooves, hardness / softness, etc.

If you find dimples, grooves, waves or other defects on your nails, do not despair, a ridge filler will come to your aid – a base that aligns the nail plate, makes it smooth, and after applying colored varnish your nails will look perfect. The same effect can be achieved by polishing the nails, but this is a harmful method, as the nail plate becomes thinner, the nails become brittle and weak. These varnishes are found in most manufacturers of nail products, such as Dance Legend, OPI, ORLY and others.

Many girls do not like to do a manicure on their own, as this is a rather lengthy procedure, and as a result, you can wake up in the morning with pillow prints on your nails and smeared varnish. To prevent this from happening, use special drying tops that are applied to colored varnish and speed up its drying, as well as add gloss. After applying the drying, you must wait about five minutes and you can go about your business without fear of damaging the manicure. Drying tops from Seche Vite, INM, OPI, Essye, Urbina, Eva, Kinetics, ANNY are very successful and widely used. Along with drying varnishes, oil drip dryers are on sale, they are less convenient to use and the varnish does not dry out so quickly.

Colored varnishes have completely different textures, effects, durability, smell, and also vary greatly in price. If you like to draw attention to yourself, then try metallic varnishes, neon varnishes, chameleon varnishes, varnishes with large glitter. Nude varnishes are varnishes that give grooming to nails, are close in color to a person’s skin tone, make nails neat, porcelain, like a princess’s. Recently, many unusual effects have appeared – matte varnishes, sand varnishes (rough matte varnishes, nails …

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