How to do gynecological massage: home technique

Gynecological massage is a procedure for influencing the internal reproductive organs of the female body through typical massage movements.

Gynecological massage has been known and successfully practiced for more than a century and a half. For the first time they learned about him in 1861 thanks to a scientist named Thure Brandt, who developed a hitherto unknown massage technique.

Due to its positive effect on the female body, massage has gained popularity in many countries of the world, including Russia. Later, famous obstetricians of that time corrected and brought the well-known technique to perfection.

In the modern world, many of the fair sex are faced with certain problems and diseases of the genitourinary system. An inactive lifestyle entails such unpleasant phenomena as circulatory disorders in the lower part of the body, and reduced muscle tone. These symptoms are fraught with the appearance of varying degrees of inflammatory processes, the penetration of pathogenic bacteria, as well as pain in the lower abdomen.

Recently, in connection with the development of medicine and pharmacology, gynecological massage has undeservedly faded into the background. And this, despite the fact that its beneficial effect on the genitourinary system and the entire body of a woman, is simply enormous.

Impact on the body

Massage therapy has the following goals:

  • to resume blood circulation in the pelvic organs;
  • eliminate congestive and inflammatory processes;
  • normalize the hormonal background;
  • preparation for pregnancy and childbirth;
  • normalize sexual sensations;
  • eliminate the negative consequences of operations and diseases.

Indications for massage

In addition, it is recommended to do massage for such phenomena as:

  • adhesive processes;
  • displacement of the uterus;
  • consequences of difficult childbirth, abortions, miscarriages;
  • uterine fibrosis, muscle failure;
  • frigidity, decreased sexual desire;
  • violation of the menstrual cycle, painful periods;
  • the diagnosis of infertility, the impossibility of carrying a pregnancy.


Execution technique

Gynecological massage should be carried out by an obstetrician-gynecologist in medical institutions, since this type of massage is a medical procedure.

The woman sits comfortably on the gynecological chair in a position, as in a standard examination. Sometimes, due to some factors, massage can be performed in the knee-elbow position.

The most important thing is that the patient is comfortable and can focus on relaxing the abdominal and vaginal muscles. Before the start of the session, the specialist shows the correct breathing technique that the woman must follow throughout the procedure.

Massage can be started no earlier than a couple of hours after eating, the intestines and bladder must be emptied.

Massage movements are carried out with two hands: one palpates the uterus from all sides inside, the second gently presses the stomach from above. The exit of the urethra and the clitoris should not be affected. If the goal of the treatment is to move or straighten the uterus, this is done gradually over several sessions.

The duration of the massage starts from four minutes, and gradually increasing the time, it is brought up to a quarter of an hour. Depending on the state of health and physiological parameters of the female body, the procedure is carried out every day or every other day. The number of sessions varies from 30 to 60 and, if necessary, more, which takes 1.5-4 months. There is a break during menstruation.

Any gynecologist should be proficient in several techniques of gynecological massage. Throughout all sessions, the doctor keeps records of the improvement or deterioration of the woman’s health. If the second option is observed, it is necessary to change the technique or, in extreme cases, refuse to perform it.

Gynecological massage at home

Despite the fact that gynecological massage is a medical procedure, it is still quite intimate, and not every woman agrees to try it because of her shyness or any other reasons.

The fair sex, who want to get a positive effect from a massage performed at home without the involvement of other persons, is strongly recommended to visit a gynecologist and make sure that there are no neoplasms and sexually transmitted diseases.

Before starting a massage, be sure to check the place of its conduct. As a rule, if a gynecological chair is not lying around at home, a bed takes its place.

You need to wash your hands well, and then treat the external genitalia with an antiseptic. For convenience, a pillow, roller or rolled towel is placed under the lower back so that the hips are in an elevated position. A mandatory rule when performing a massage is relaxation. You need to do several deep breathing cycles, then wait until it normalizes and relax the abdominal muscles.


Now you can start the massage. First, two fingers (index and middle) are carefully inserted inside, and the walls of the vagina are kneaded with gentle, massaging movements. There should not be any sharp and strong movements. When kneading the uterus and fallopian tubes, you can apply light pressure and apply light circular motions. The same goes for ovarian massage.

Simultaneously with the internal massage, the abdominal muscles are kneaded. Also, not strong, smooth movements of the fingers of the second hand.

Very important! Not a single massage movement should cause discomfort, let alone pain. If this happens, there may be inflammation or other diseases of the reproductive organs.

After the massage, it is recommended to lie on your stomach for 15 minutes to restore blood circulation. On massage days, one should also refrain from sexual life. To restore the correct position of the uterus, you can sleep at night on your stomach.

Nevertheless, before you start doing massage yourself at home, it will not be superfluous to consult with your personal gynecologist, after examination, he will recommend one or another massage technique suitable for this woman.


As with any type of massage, there are certain limitations. Gynecological massage should not be performed in the following cases.

  • Pregnancy and lactation.
  • Increased body temperature, infectious diseases.
  • Cervical erosion.
  • Some diseases of the kidneys and liver, venereal diseases, as well as tuberculosis.
  • If the time after childbirth or surgery does not exceed two …

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