How to dress a woman in her 60s in style

Modern woman wants to look stylish And at 60 years and V more mature age. How to dressso that your image causes admiration, not a smile, and does not remind you of the trends of the last century? We will try to answer this question here.


lady at 60 years already usually has her own style that matches her lifestyle. And in order to look effectivelydon’t blindly follow fashionyou gotta feel it and add actual accents and touches to the bow.

Features of the style of a mature lady

WITH Every woman’s figure changes differently with age. someone remains taut and slim, while for someone the changes are more noticeable: fullness, especially in strategic places, such as the waist, legs, hips, is less fromIstrong the neck and the contour of the arms lose their clear lines.

How to deal with it? Just it is necessary to use the principles of visual correction of the image, choosing clearer silhouettes of certain shapess. And also choose the right colors. And, frankly, this approach should be in the preparation of a basic wardrobe for a woman at any age.

For a lady over 60, only the following recommendations can be common:

  • You should not wear tight clothes, it will not add elegance to you, but a yearToow – maybe.

  • The mini length is not recommended, even with slender legs. mid-colone or five centimeters higher. But this too will beautiful if you are the owner of slender legs.

  • Think carefully about choosing the color palette of the image. Choose colors according to your color type. Bright momust be done accents, not the whole outfit.

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Important: Remember Also about such a nuancewhat for, Whatto make the face look fresher, place refreshing shades of pink, peach in this areawhite or pastel colors. Black, brown or saturated colors can make your skin look unhealthy.


Let’s look at photo and let’s figure it out How And dressing stylishly for a woman at 60.

Simple solutions and classic form

Now the fashion for simplicity and conciseness of forms. Therefore, do not complicate your bow with sophisticated styles. Intricate cut, frilly color combination, lots of ruffles and ruffles with elegance, to which one should aspirebto mature ladies, have nothing in common. What clothes will flatter your figure, will give imageat dynamism and energy, show in the photo we are for you have been selected.


If you are the owner of slender formsyou can wear pants by figure. In all other cases, give preference to loose styles. It can be fashionable now wide trousers with folds at the waist, classic straight with an arrow, riding breeches or bananas.

Simple but stylish

If you have graceful ankles, feel free to choose the length 7/8. Slightly tapered at the bottom with dainty shoes, these trousers will add elegance to your look. Complete the look with a shirtcan be white, and a slightly fitted jacket. And the image of an elegant lady is ready.

Jeans, of course. They are young, give harmony to the figure. But leave skinny, boyfriends and torn models to granddaughters and daughters. Choose classic or momthey are much more comfortable to wear, and the figure in them looks taut.

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But in your bow, to make it look organic, do not combine several denim items. Or trousers orjacket or shirt.


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What styles of skirts do you prefer? Certainly, a pencil skirt is recommended. She will tighten the stomach and emphasize the waist, add clarity and harmony to the look. Only, it should be sewn from a dense fabric that holds its shape. Length to the knee or plus or minus 5 cm.

If you like less strict styles, choose A-line or flared. Augmented bpocket and belt, mid-calf length, these skirts emphasize femininity. Lighter fabrics can be chosen.

I want to onremember about such fashion trend How pleatedToA and corrugationA. Using them for loose summer skirts will add a trendy touch to your outfit.


This one withmost feminine outfit can transform the look of a lady over 60.

  • A wrap dress will visually draw a waist, even if it is already weakly expressed.

  • Sheath dress will stretch the figure vertically, giving the image harmony. It can be straight or fitted.

Great option for special occasions

  • Dress-shirt, withonly beloved and practical, will make your look more fit.

  • Dresses made of light fabrics with a wide skirt and middle length sleeves will be appropriate in the summer wardrobe of mature ladies.

It is advisable to cover your hands, therefore fashionable now sleeve 3/4 or 7/8 will look relevant V loveOm stylee.

For creative ladies 60+, you can offer boho dresses. Loose models with asymmetric details made of natural fabrics look stylish and fashionable. They can dress women any age, and not only at age 60, summer. They stay on trend for the season. 2019 of the year. An asymmetrical hem, cutout or cut details will create a dynamic and interesting look.


DLadies of elegant age should have jackets and cardigans in their wardrobe. The peculiarity of such clothes is that they create a clear line of shoulders. This detail gives the whole look fit view. Complementing them with onions trousersdress or skirt we get more youthfulwow And slim figure.

From new products season 2019 a woman over 60 should pay attention to cropped crop jackets. They have a wide bottom line, which visually reduces the waist.

Goodo fit into the image also straight and fitted jackets. You can wear them by wrapping a little sleeve, and slightly raising the collar, for more creative image.

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Note: A jacket or jacket should be your size to look elegant. The oversized style does not suit ladies at the age of 60. He will look just messy.


Tops & Shirts

The main rule when choosing tops and shirts, they must match your size to there was no baggy fit. Otherwise, the look immediately loses elegance. And pay attention to the color, because it will be next to the face. If top or the shirt does not refresh the face, put on a neckerchief or scarfwhich underlined complexion in a winning light.

The shirt fits very succinctly into the images that fitatt older women. Rigid collar covers the neck and gives it harmony. You can wear a shirt over a top or a dress instead of a jacket in summer, creating a trendy layered look.

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Color and prints

When choosing a color, give preference to soft tones. But if you are a bright person, you can use saturated colors in your outfit, but it is better in accents or accessories. Remember that there should be refreshing colors around the face, which will give the skin a healthy look.

For summer, choose light-colored trousers and skirts and a more saturated top. This bow looks more elegant.

Use prints V clothes. Often read and heard recommendation About, What women over 60 Notto wear bright prints. This…

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