If you’re looking for inspirational looks to dress elegantly without the hassle, this article is for you. Elegant clothing is not a matter of money, but of style. Read on and get inspired.

How to dress simply and elegantly in 2023 – examples.

How to create an elegant style in your 30s, 40s and 50s

Less is more is one of the keys to achieving an elegant style. Go for monochrome looks, total black, neutral tones, timeless prints, wardrobe staples and pieces that survive the trend.

How to look elegant in simple clothes

Bet on jacket suits, jackets, tweeds, pleated trousers. As for shoes, ballet flats, moccasins or stilettos. Of course, you can always add something more modern or trendy to these more classic pieces of clothing. They will only help you improve your image, for example, jeans, sneakers, caps or sunglasses.

How to dress simply but beautifully

If you want to dress simply but beautifully, we recommend that you bet on good accessories to spice up your look. Jewelry, bags, hair accessories.

Beauty in simplicity: black and white

The combination of black and white in one look will be a sure hit for an elegant result. If you add stilettos, sunglasses and accessories in gold, you will take your look to the next level.

Wear Tweed

Tweed is one of the most elegant and timeless fabrics. We recommend that you purchase a tweed jacket that will go with all your jeans and trousers.

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Dress and jacket

We suggest you try to combine a midi or a short dress with a jacket, you will see how the result of the image will completely change.

Shoes decorated with stones

A look that consists of basics like jeans and a sweater can be completely transformed by adding embellished shoes. Here is the proof!


After black, navy blue is another of the most elegant colors. Pair a sweater in this color with a coat of the same color and jeans for a 10-point look.

Timeless prints

Use timeless prints that never go out of style. For example, stripes are necessary to create an elegant look.

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Ballet shoes

The combination of a jacket and jeans is a win-win option for any occasion. If you add a pair of ballerinas to this combination, elegance is assured.

Total Black

You already know that black is the most elegant color. Total black is synonymous with elegance.

Men’s shirt

Men’s shirt is another basic piece of clothing that allows you to create simple and elegant everyday looks.


And, of course, a jacket with trousers is a must. You can use it in everyday looks as well as for special occasions.