How to dress fashionably in 2019

How to be a fashionista without considering the most important topic: how to dress fashionably and stylishly in 2019? Tips, tips and a selection of photos of the best bows – for the most demanding.


Trends and novelties in clothing 2019

According to fashion designers and stylists, this year’s looks are characterized by femininity, practicality and convenience. And also – slight negligence, both in styling hair and in tying a scarf.

Fashion trends

In clothing and accessories, you can trace several important points:

  • the combination of different materials in one thing is typical for both outerwear and dresses, skirts, tunics. Leather and fur, knitwear and denim, leather and suede, and so on – then you can even get by with more concise styles and refuse additional decorations;

  • patch pockets, additionally accentuated by color, decor, and the use of other fabrics are typical for both outerwear and cardigans, pants, tunics and dresses. In some versions, they look very harmonious, and hands can be warmed, while in others they become accents of the bow;

Patch pockets trend 2019

  • the use of a sleeveless cut, with cutouts for the arms – capes – the novelties of the season. Moreover, there are capes of outerwear: coats, raincoats and fur coats – then it is worth wearing such models with high gloves, and fashion designers have gone further. There are cape jackets, jackets, dresses. It looks very beautiful – a fluffy thing laid in folds and two elegant gloved hands. Probably, the autolady should like this style – the sleeves do not interfere with the wheel;

  • asymmetry, uneven hems, diagonal zippers and buttons, torn edges – all this gives every fashionista the opportunity to express her self, dress non-trivially, show the uniqueness of her nature;

  • a splash of gold, silver and metallics – the “space theme” is back again. Mirror, gold, silver down jackets, raincoats and jackets, shoes and boots, as well as flowing, iridescent skirts, dresses, blouses and tunics. It is worth remembering that silver and steel are cold shades, and they go well with blue, blue, gray and white, while gold is warm, and it is good with brown and red shades;

  • denim dresses, shirts, denim jackets – this is what it is fashionable to wear in the spring of 2019. A denim shirt can be tucked into a skirt or pants, a jacket can be worn with a laconic business skirt and blouse. The most classic models of denim products that suit every lady are popular. There are also accessories from denim – backpacks, caps;

  • leather items are just a real boom in leather products: leather dresses, skirts, pants, jackets, raincoats. Leather inserts are used as decor on coats and fur coats, tunics and cardigans. Leather tight dresses, pants and skirts can look classically elegant and flawless, but still carry a touch of sexuality, which cannot but tempt a fashionista to buy a leather update;

  • fur – fashion designers have returned to this topic again. They use natural or high-quality artificial furs, natural colors of the material or dyed in fashionable bright shades. Fur coats, vests, fur inserts and decor on coats, down jackets, cardigans, sweaters and other warm clothes.

Popular colors:

  • black and white will always be in fashion;

  • all shades of red – women can wear muted tones to the office, bright ones – to all kinds of events;
  • coral is the color of the year 2019. In the wardrobe of every fashionista, a thing of this color must definitely appear. And better, and not alone;

  • cage and stripe – a new round of general interest. A wide variety of combinations, colors, sizes. You can even combine in one bow both a strip and a cage;

  • leopard print – returning to the old favorite “animal” colors. Leopard coats and coats, skirts, dresses, blouses, as well as accessories;

  • metallic, gold, silver.

Truly brilliant look

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Advice. When creating an image, you should immediately plan: focus on one thing, or balance a bright, unusual and original thing with several similar accents.


How to dress fashionably in 2019

Choosing for yourself new images for everyday life and holidays, you should listen to what will be stylish and popular this year.


Fall and winter 2019-2020 fashion shows will soon be held, and we will see the newest offers in the photo from the catwalks, but for now, such nuances have been noticed:

  • fur, leather, denim – the three most popular materials that fashion designers use for outerwear and as decoration on hoods, cuffs, pockets;

  • fur vests are in fashion. Many ladies intercept the “fluffy” thing with a strap, emphasizing the waist;

  • classic coats are popular, just below the knee length, trapezoid and cocoon;

  • among down jackets there is a style option for those who love to impress others – voluminous down jackets, down jackets-blankets. They can be safely worn by ladies with a different figure, but the bottom and accessories should be as strict as possible.

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Office outfits

An important question that all business ladies ask is what to wear to work, it can be solved simply:

  • a skirt or trouser suit is the easiest and most advantageous option. Warm and beautiful;

  • sundresses – it would seem that they have sunk into oblivion, but no. Among the trends of the season are neat, simple outfits in discreet shades that can be worn over a blouse or turtleneck. In summer, you can also wear it on a naked body, if the dress code allows;

  • a fashionable tulip, cocoon, pencil or even flared skirt can be combined with any blouse, shirt, blouse and even a light sweater. It is classically true to combine a dark bottom with a light top;

  • shorts have long been also part of business attire. You can safely wear straight, just above the knee shorts to the office.

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Important. Girls and women should remember that in the office it is better to wear skirts and dresses no shorter than the palm of your hand from the knee, so as not to distract colleagues from work.



These are the best outfits for all women. In 2019, we choose the most fashionable dresses:

  • in spring and summer, stylists offer to please themselves and others with light, flowing silhouettes;
  • maxi length is more welcome than ever;
  • pleating is in fashion – skirts and dresses look feminine and neat. By the way, this is a very useful option for ladies with wide or too narrow hips;

  • deep V-necklines, open shoulders, bare back combined with floor-length hemlines;
  • lush, original sleeves with an interesting decor;
  • splendor, voluminous style is created due to light fabrics, folds, frills, ruffles. In a set for such dresses, select only concise and simple accessories. And heels are a must;

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  • denim dresses are decorated with a whole range of rivet buttons from top to bottom. Fashionistas create intrigue by unbuttoning a couple from above or below.

And also, according to the advice of stylists, on how to dress fashionably in 2019, it is worth buying at least one leather dress. Even a modest girl can pick up a concise and…

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