How to dress for the new year to please a man

Many girls are interested in how to dress for the new year to please a man. This is a fairly relevant question for ladies who sit for hours in front of a mirror, constructing hairstyles in their heads and choosing dresses. However, when creating an image, it is important not to overdo it.

Ideas for a New Year’s look that your man will love

Men appreciate sexuality in girls, but this does not mean a naked body, a deep neckline, stockings and 20 cm heels. To show your femininity and beauty, you do not have to dress too frankly, but you need to emphasize your dignity.

A real man will like a maxi skirt with a side slit to the thigh. Even the stronger sex likes different light dresses that are combined with shoes. However, it is better to choose clothes according to your figure.

To create a festive look that can slay every man, stylists recommend using:

  1. Voluminous lantern sleeves, croissants, buds will decorate the dress in an original way, focusing on the image.
  2. Translucency. It is stylish, elegant and mysterious. A translucent dress, a blouse with puffed sleeves and chiffon skirts will help the lady create an interesting look.
  3. Pearly glow. Choose clothes from satin, silk, satin. Shades are better to choose light or neutral.
  4. Gradient. Choose a dress from satin, silk, chiffon. To create a festive look, pastel shades are suitable, and smooth transitions look gentle, emphasizing a sophisticated nature.

Black dress to the floor

A black long dress is a beautiful and elegant option to impress a man. A particularly strong sex likes it if the outfit has a slit to the thigh.

For a femme fatale look, choose a black draped dress and pair it with sheer nylon gloves. Complete the New Year’s bow, capable of striking on the spot, high heels and red lipstick.

Fluffy dress

A lush outfit in delicate shades with puffed sleeves will add freshness and sunshine to the image. The girl will become brighter and more interesting, and will not be left without male attention.

This image is combined with neat pumps or heels.

Knitted set

Many representatives of the stronger sex are also attracted by minimalism, simple combinations and convenience. Therefore, women often choose stylish knitted suits.

For a bright and original look that can win a man’s heart, choose knitted sets from soft sweaters and palazzo trousers. Choose calm and natural shades, complementing them with bright accents.

Under the knitted set, shoes with heels or half boots are suitable. Don’t overload your look with accessories. The strong sex does not like the abundance of jewelry.

Pants with sequins

However, there are men to whom a knitted outfit seems at home, and they do not recognize it for the celebration of the New Year. Replace your pants with trendy trousers with sequins, sequins or rhinestones. Under these trousers, you can wear a stylish top that exposes the belly or a blouse with a neckline. This will quickly and permanently attract the attention of the male.

To create a competent image, choose stilettos and earrings in a minimalist style.


This stylish piece of clothing is quite popular in the season, and is liked by many men. However, they are more attracted not by bright, but by calm and natural shades: beige, sand, cream. Relevant are elongated wide pants and flares. Men also like silk models with cropped trousers or loose-fitting corduroy options, but tapered down.

For a masculine New Year’s Eve look, choose a metallic or graphic print. Dark high-heeled shoes and a saddle bag complete the look.

Dress on one shoulder

Asymmetric silhouettes have been and will be relevant. Many men this season are attracted to off-the-shoulder dresses. They also like unusual, but fitted jacket dresses. The thing itself is strict, but it looks very feminine.

When creating a New Year’s look from a one-shoulder dress, consider the style and density of the fabric. Men like it when the outfit keeps its shape perfectly.


When choosing shoes for a festive outfit, remember that it should be combined with it. A competent combination of shades and elements of the wardrobe is liked by the stronger sex.

Given these conditions, it is better for ladies to choose the classic version of shoes in the form of pumps or other models with heels. Only he makes the gait graceful, the posture is straight and beautiful, and the legs are slimmer. It is these parameters that attract men.

Dark blue or black shoes are ideal. Dark shades always attract the male sex, adding mystery and charm to the lady.

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Makeup and manicure

In order to complete the New Year’s image, and to interest a man, you need to do a beautiful make-up and manicure.

When making a make-up, makeup artists recommend choosing a shade of shadows, taking into account the color of the eyes. This season is relevant for mother-of-pearl and shiny shadows. To make them look more spectacular, makeup artists recommend supplementing them with arrows. Lipstick is better to choose pink, peach, purple.

And it is better to refuse a manicure with a New Year’s theme. Calm and neutral, matte or glossy varnishes are ideal. However, the stronger sex prefers to see a coral, white, lavender manicure on a woman.

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If you want to know how to dress for the new year in order to please a man, look through the photo selection and create a stylish look yourself.

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