How to dress in autumn to be slimmer

How to dress in autumn to be slimmer? We know all the secrets and willingly share them with our readers!

Deciding on a palette

  • Harmonious and graphic combinations of black and white are at the peak of popularity this fall. Stylists advise focusing on monochromatic things with a minimalist cut, but also with interesting details. For example, black trousers and a ruffled shirt are a win-win combination.

Black top, white bottom

  • World catwalks have been confidently conquering animal prints for several seasons. It is appropriate to combine them with monophonic things.

  • It makes sense to recall the hackneyed axiom – dark things with a matte texture are superbly slim. In autumn, you can adopt not only black, but also emerald, burgundy and blue shades.

  • Bright colors are acceptable in the image of an overweight girl, but they should not be used on problem areas.

  • Fat women definitely benefit from the color blocking print trend. If large rectangles are vertically extended in a drawing, they perfectly slim the figure. This technique can be safely sought in the design of blouses, dresses and outerwear.

colored blocks

  • Polka dot print will help to add a little coquetry to the autumn outfit. Light circles of medium size on a dark background are wonderfully slimming!

  • Do not forget about the magical properties of the vertical strip – it perfectly stretches the silhouette.

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Fabric matters

Artificial textures will definitely not flatter a full figure. Thin synthetics are able to treacherously emphasize every extra centimeter. Do not benefit and glossy shiny textures.

But jersey and cashmere will definitely be an excellent choice and will hide some imperfections. Cotton and denim also honestly perform this task. The main thing is that the texture should be dense enough to hide imperfections, and not focus on them.

It is impossible to imagine cozy autumn bows without knitwear. Fashionistas with plus-size parameters are recommended not too voluminous texture without an oversized cut. The vertical direction of knitting is welcome, for example, beautiful braids.

Attention to merit

Many full ladies can boast of slender legs. Such women of fashion are recommended midi length, cropped trousers and other techniques that emphasize dignity. But you should not choose shoes with an ankle strap – they visually “cut” the leg and shorten the silhouette.

If you like your beautiful wrists or graceful shoulders, be sure to emphasize them. Modern fashion is ready to offer a dropped shoulder line, ¾ sleeves and various accessories for this.

Verticals are everything!

Vertical lines in the image will help you dress slimmer in the fall, and this property is perfectly illustrated in our photo selection. You can turn on your imagination, because there are a lot of ways to create verticals in an outfit.

You can wear trousers with arrows, choose things with vertical zippers and prints, use a V-neck, a flowing scarf. Stylish verticals are easy to create with an unbuttoned cardigan, jacket or outerwear. A vertical row of buttons is another stylish and effective idea.

You can achieve the desired effect with the help of costumes that are designed in a single color palette.

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Another win-win option for creating a slimming vertical line in a bow is a monochrome combination. Feel free to combine things of identical or similar tones in one bow, and you will be happy, or rather, a modern bow with the effect of harmony.

Now it is fashionable to create monochrome combinations in which textures contrast interestingly. This technique will not allow the image to look boring. It is acceptable, both at 20 and at 40 years old.

Emphasis on the waist

In autumn, it is fashionable to create an emphasis on the waist, which perfectly corrects the figure. This technique gives the parameters an hourglass shape and makes the image more feminine.

Belts and belts are literally everywhere this season – on jackets, shirts, dresses and outerwear. The main hit of the season is a wide belt.


Few people know that a well-chosen hairstyle will also help you look slimmer. Volumetric curls are ideal. Tails and braids are also appropriate, but in such hairstyles it is worth dissolving the strands for splendor and volume.

Coloring with light highlights also performs this function!

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Important purchases this fall

  • If for some reason you still don’t have a pencil skirt made of dense material in your wardrobe, this misunderstanding can be corrected this fall. Many ladies mistakenly believe that a tight cut will only emphasize flaws, so they sadly make a choice in favor of voluminous things. But if you pick up a pencil skirt that delicately emphasizes the figure, and does not fit it, then you will definitely hit the bull’s-eye.

  • Jeans with a moderately high waist are a truly indispensable thing in the autumn wardrobe. The maximum effect of harmony will be achieved with a dense texture of a uniform dark color.

  • In addition to jeans, trousers that flare from the hip will also help you look slimmer. It is worth choosing models from a flowing texture and combining them with shoes with heels.

  • A wrap dress can hardly be called a novelty. Rather, it is a successful and versatile wardrobe investment that will allow you to emphasize the merits and unobtrusively disguise imperfections behind romantic draperies.

  • Now at the peak of popularity, various overalls. Semi-loose fit and a high waist line perfectly hide the stomach. In addition, the jumpsuit creates a color vertical, which, as we have already found out, remarkably stretches the silhouette.

  • As for shoes, the best assistants in the visual correction of the figure will be models with a pointed toe. They perfectly lengthen the legs and make them more slender. But shoes with a massive heel and a square toe definitely cannot boast of this property. If you choose between a pair with or without heels, then it is better to give preference to the first option.

  • Another relevant technique is the selection of shoes in the color of the bottom. This combination visually lengthens the legs and slims.

  • A stylish bow is unthinkable without well-chosen accessories. With the help of fashionable details, you can correctly place accents. For example, long beads and chains will help to lengthen the neck and the silhouette as a whole, large earrings will draw attention to the face and distract from fullness, and stylish bracelets are indispensable in accentuating graceful wrists.

[stextbox id=’info’]Note! You should not choose small accessories that cause imbalance with the large proportions of the figure.[/stextbox]

  • Do not forget about the power of corrective underwear, which makes the silhouette more slender and elegant.

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