How to dress skinny women: top 7 useful tips

We will share with you tips on how to dress thin women. As it turned out, not only full girls are shy of their forms. “You need to put on a longer skirt, your legs are like matches” – did you recognize yourself? Read our advice, and exclude this phrase from your life.

Useful tips from stylists: how to dress thin women

Your goal is to look feminine and stylish. Stop proving to the environment that nature has awarded you such a body, and you do not torture yourself with grueling workouts and strict diets. Focus on our top 7 tips for creating the perfect look.

visual volume. We are not talking about excessive oversize, it only focuses on thinness. Despite the fact that layering has been a leader among other trends among stylists for several years now, this trend is not for everyone. Buy things by size – we say. Competent “layering” of things can help you. A good choice would be a jumpsuit or a thin dress over a turtleneck. In the cold season, a coat over a quilted jacket will look unusual.

Think in proportions. If you are thin, your body type is probably close to a rectangle. It is necessary to visually create two triangles, like an hourglass. A feminine silhouette can also be formed according to the principle – an inverted triangle on top and a rectangle on the bottom and vice versa. Below we share the ideas of such kits.

Wireframe rule. Give up shapeless jackets, cardigans and “slurred” skirts. In principle, it is not easy to combine a successful image with such things, especially with a thin figure.

deep dark color. This is your aesthetic. Trite, but always advantageous will look like a “little black dress”. To freshen up the bow and make it modern, topical accessories will help. The main thing is that dark clothes should not be too long, this will break the proportion. With a height below 160 cm, you should also not wear too dark outfits – they “land”.

Accessories. Protruding bones will help hide a massive necklace or scarf. That is, with decorations we cover places that betray thinness. You can even focus on accessories – we put on a few thin and neat products. By the way, comfortable shoppers should be replaced with small shoulder bags.

Flicker and Contrast. What is contraindicated for overweight women is perfect for thin women. Clothes with a metallic sheen not only look expensive, but are also ideal for thin people. Wear a pleated skirt made of shimmering fabric to work, and for the evening you can also afford sequins with rhinestones on the dress.

Proper footwear. Contrary to stereotypes, too high heels are contraindicated for petite girls. Wear small pumps or flats. You can afford a low stiletto heel. Avoid stable square heels on shoes.

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What should be excluded from the wardrobe

We talked about stylish “yes”, we also collected fashionable “taboos” for you. Here is a small list of what slim girls will have to give up.

  • Tight things. Clothes “in a slip-on” generally suit few people, and actually went out of fashion. Tight jeans with a low waist, leggings, a bandage dress – a direct emphasis on thinness.
  • Acute cuts. Do you need extra angularity? And such cutouts will just create it. Still, focus on softer and more accurate cutouts like a boat, which have a smoothing effect.
  • stripes. Thin women should not dress in striped outfits, especially vertical ones. Horizontal stripes, by the way, will do. But they should be combined based on the type of figure. With wide hips – put on up, and with a lush chest – down.
  • Folds and gathers. You run the risk of looking a little old-fashioned in such an outfit. In addition, frills will create unnecessary accents. Better choose pleated and flared.
  • Single color textures. A thin figure will appear in the best light in a plain outfit. Combine several bright colors in one set.

  • Bulky shoulders. In such an outfit, you will look comical, and look more like Lady Gaga in one of the clips. Wear outfits that hold your shape, but don’t overdo it.
  • large print. A small pattern on petite girls looks better and will help to adjust the silhouette.
  • massive shoes. Yes, the high sole is breaking the fashion charts. But that option won’t work for you. Also, boots with a wide bootleg do not look beautiful on thin legs. But you can pay attention to high boots.

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Fashionable images for thin

We have already mentioned “thinking in proportions”. Consider the idea with specific examples.

Kit 1. The top will balance the bottom. Square on top, triangle on bottom. To create this proportion, wear blouses with voluminous sleeves or a collar. Match them with culottes, flared jeans or Bermuda shorts. You can wear a half-sun skirt below the knee.

Kit 2. Let’s call it a solid triangle. Here the top complements the bottom. The main thing of the A-silhouette. It can be flared pants, a dress or a skirt. The triangle is going down. It is important that our geometric figure starts from the waist.

Bundle 3. We combine two triangles with sharp corners to each other, creating the letter “X”. For example, you can “squeeze” tight things with a belt at the waist or wear strongly fitted things. A plunging V-neckline and a wide wraparound skirt will also help.

In our selection, we told and showed how to dress thin women. Save to “bookmarks” and peep before important outings. And remember individuality.

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