How to dress stylishly in the heat

In this article, we explain in detail, how to dress stylishly in hot weather with specific examples. Looking ahead, we note: in these images we managed to combine comfort and style!

Main Recommendations

  • Many stylists in practice decisively dispel the myth that the most open clothing perfectly saves from the heat. In practice, everything is exactly the opposite: closed things protect much more effectively from the scorching sun and at the same time provide excellent comfort. At the same time, it is worth considering that ideal clothes for summer should be light and spacious. Among the fashionable novelties in line with this trend, one can note loose pants, oversized dresses and sundresses, men’s style T-shirts with long sleeves and maxi skirts.
  • Your best friends in the heat are basic things in a light or cold palette, as well as fashion prints featuring white.
  • To dress stylishly in hot summer, you should definitely stock up on fashionable hats. In the 2020 season, style experts recommend giving preference to caps, panamas, scarves.

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  • You can complete fashionable bows for the summer heat with open shoes – sandals, flip flops, sandals or mules. It is also better to give preference to light colors and lightness. Compliance with all the stated criteria will surely allow you to decide on a couple that will become your favorite in the summer 2020 season.
  • Separate accessories can also become a stylish salvation from hot weather. For example, you can include a stylish scarf with a trendy print in your summer arsenal. In the 2020 season, you can place this interesting highlight on your neck. Then it will absorb excess moisture and make the usual images more interesting.

  • But it is better to refuse heavy metal accessories in the heat – they only absorb and retain heat, which means they are completely impractical in the summer.
  • So that nothing spoils the created fashionable image, always have napkins with a matting effect on hand – such helpers will allow you to refresh your makeup at any time. Also, by the summer it will not be superfluous to get a high-quality deodorant that does not leave marks.

White color

Most trendy color for summer 2020 It is definitely crystal white. Many girls will surely love this color scheme because it is perfectly refreshing and rejuvenates appearance. In addition, in light clothes not hotsince it does not absorb the sun’s rays too actively.

But what kind of novelties to prefer, so as not to doubt their stylish look? Many stylists advise to adopt loose dresses and sundresses in midi length – such trends can take an active part in compiling images for every day.

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You can also include a basic white T-shirt in your stylish summer wardrobe – it will not only save you from the heat, but also help out when drawing up a variety of stylish bows.

In the list of irreplaceable things for the summer of 2020, any bottom in a light version can deservedly be. For example, your choice may fall on white trousers, shorts or a skirt. Any option will be advantageously combined with different clothes and at the same time will remarkably refresh and transform the created image.


To summer 2020 you had not hotyou can include in almost any stylish bow practical cape. It’s a versatile piece of clothing that perfectly saves the body from burning and adds a trendy hint of layering to looks. The cape will especially harmoniously fit into the wardrobe of a girl who likes to wear short shorts in summer in combination with T-shirts or tops. You can always throw on a stylish kimono or a light shirt for such everyday looks and fight back the heat.

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Extremely trendy summer look 2020 may include any oversized loose-fitting item. In hot weather, no one likes tight and sticky elements of the bow, so the noted trend is definitely worth adopting.

When the temperature of the thermometer tends to rise, girls are especially happy with the trend for things “from the boyfriend’s shoulder.” For example, in a capsule summer wardrobe, you can include culottes, loose T-shirt dresses, spacious Bermuda shorts, shirts and tunics with the specified cut. Such options are especially well suited for girls who seek to mask any figure flaws. For example, free style is excellent hides the belly or full hips.

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It is also too early to discount the ubiquitous slip dress. In their classic design, such models have a fairly free cut, which means they are great for real heat.

A great solution for a stylish and practical summer wardrobe can also be a wrap style, which often appears in the design of blouses and dresses. For this cut to really please with comfort, it should not be too tight to the body. If you take into account this recommendation, you can easily pick up summer clothes that reliably save you from the heat. In addition, styles with a smell in practice please with the fact that they are effective slimaccentuate the waist and visually lengthen the silhouette.


Another fashionable feature that has been placed on many summer novelties is decorative cuts and cutouts. This stylistic technique is especially helpful for those girls who prefer skirts and dresses with a length below the knee. In its classic version, such clothes can be quite hot, but flirty cuts will make them more adaptable for hot weather.

Open collar

Lots of stylish image ideas for the summer of 2020, they often imply the presence of fashionable button-down shirts or tops. It is in hot weather that it is permissible to unbutton a few extra top buttons so as not to squeeze the neck and ensure comfort in the heat. If you find this technique too revealing, you can include a base layer in the form of a neutral crop top in your look. Such an element is now incredibly relevant to combine with unbuttoned shirts and jackets.

Summer suits

Many brands carefully include suits from shirts or tops with shorts or skirts in their summer collections. As a rule, manufacturers rely on thin, comfortable textures. It is also worth considering that ready-made ensembles have a single design, which means they save you from the tedious torment of choosing harmoniously combined tops and bottoms. After all, in the summer you will definitely find activities more interesting!


To save yourself from the heat and look stylishpay special attention to the choice of fabric. The correct texture will protect from the sun and hot wind, absorb excess moisture between the body and clothing, and also ensure proper air exchange. Among the ideal options for summer, cotton, linen and viscose stand out. When choosing, it is worth making sure that the invoice …

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