How to dress stylishly in the rain in autumn 2020

How to dress stylishly in the rain to feel comfortable and look perfect in the midst of bad weather? The recommendations of stylists for the fall of 2020, collected in our review, will help answer this question. Take note of their advice, and let your fashionable image always be on top.

Learning how to dress beautifully in rainy weather

It just so happened that rains are an inevitable part of any autumn. You always need to be ready for them, because it is not in vain that they say that at this time of the year it pours from any cloud. With the onset of autumn, women begin to be divided into two categories. The former choose practical things so as not to get wet or cold, but at the same time they sacrifice fashion and beauty. And the latter, on the contrary, strive to look stylish even in dampness, but because of this they do not always dress “according to the weather”, as a result of which their health suffers.

We invite you to learn how to create 2 in 1 looks so that in the rain you feel as comfortable as possible and at the same time look like you stepped off the cover of a fashion magazine. And recommendations from stylists, which can be found below, will help you achieve the desired result.

  • Love bright things in autumn. Yes, we know that with the onset of cold weather, the wardrobe should become restrained. But who said that this unspoken rule cannot be broken. Moreover, every year fashion designers are increasingly focusing on outerwear in bright colors. For example, pink trench coats from Chanel and Bupberry have become a real hit this season. Also in the trend is the deep color of indigo, marsala, burgundy, orange. Choose these bright things for a rainy day, and let them give you and those around you a little positivity.

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  • Add a Cane Umbrella to Your Fall Looks. An umbrella is an absolutely indispensable thing for a rainy season, because it helps us not to get wet even under a heavy downpour. And if it is a long cane umbrella with a curved handle and a sharp spike at the end, then in addition to protection from the rain, we will also get an incredibly stylish feminine look. And all thanks to the fact that this accessory looks very aristocratic.

  • Don’t Forget the Flashy Jewelry. Indeed, on a gray rainy day, they can become the main highlight of your image. And first of all, stylists recommend focusing on unusual belts, massive earrings and rings (the latter, by the way, are quite allowed to be worn over gloves), as well as pearls. Yes, you heard right, it is pearls, because it is considered one of the main fashion trends of autumn 2020. And stylists advise wearing it over outerwear as well. For example, coats, raincoats, cardigans.

  • Wear scarves and stoles. The brighter the better. Moreover, these accessories have several advantages at once. Firstly, they are practical, and will be able to protect your head, neck and chest from the winds. Secondly, bright colors and interesting prints are sure to dispel the blues of a rainy day. Thirdly, they can be tied in many different ways and, thereby, give the image an additional zest.

  • Focus on leather items. Trench coats, jackets, jackets, skirts, trousers, leggings, and, of course, shoes made of high-quality natural or eco-leather will be simply indispensable on a rainy day. Yes, and they look incredibly stylish on women. Having created a leather bow in bad weather, you will definitely feel comfortable and look perfect.

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  • Watch the length of things. What would be appropriate to wear in the rain? Of course, these are skirts, dresses, coats and maxi raincoats. After all, they are likely to get wet, dirty, and will interfere with walking. All this will break the pleasant impression of your image. In this case, the midi length will be optimal. She will allow you to demonstrate your slender legs, and keep things in perfect condition. Stylists give similar advice for trouser lovers. They don’t need to be as long as possible. It is better to look at the shortened options. For example, culottes, capris, or jeans with collars. By the way, the latter are very popular today.

Of great importance for a stylish look in rainy weather is shoes. Let’s say right away that you should definitely refuse cloth boots and boots, because they will not save your feet from moisture and will quickly lose their presentable appearance. The choice should be made in favor of high quality leather shoes, as well as patent leather and rubber boots. They will definitely withstand any vagaries of nature. And let the sole be massive – this is considered to be the peak of fashion for autumn 2020.

What to wear for a rainy day look

So, we have studied the general recommendations from stylists, now let’s move on to the specifics and consider the options for things from which it would be appropriate to make a stylish look for a rainy day.

  • Raincoat. But not the one that gathers dust in your country house. He certainly does not add style. Here it is better to look at modern design models. For example, a transparent raincoat. This thing has conquered not only the catwalks, but also the hearts of millions of fashionistas. Girls put on such a raincoat not only to protect from the weather, but also to demonstrate beautiful clothes under it. Agree, comfortable? Moreover, this model is perfectly combined with all the basic autumn wardrobe.

  • Broad-brim. Another accessory with a touch of aristocracy that will add sophistication to your autumn bow. In general, it is difficult to disagree with the statement that a woman in a hat looks luxurious. That is why stylists strongly recommend adding this headdress to fashionable looks more actively. A hat will also be appropriate for rainy weather, because the wide brim will perfectly protect hair and makeup from moisture. However, do not forget to protect the hat itself with an umbrella, otherwise it will lose its shape.

  • Gloves. Ordinary gloves will also help to look fashionable and feminine in the autumn rain. They can perfectly protect your hands from wind and drops, and will also be the final touch of the image. Moreover, you can choose the appropriate model from several options. So, black monochrome leather gloves remain a sure trend. But, if they seem boring to you, take a closer look at the leopard print, bright colors, and retro vinyl gloves. For a rainy but warm autumn, models without fingers are a good fit. And coats and raincoats with short sleeves can be confidently complemented with high gloves.

  • Jacket. This piece is a must for any fall wardrobe. It would be appropriate to wear it in cloudy weather. Of course, leather jackets are out of competition here, first of all, which, as we found out earlier, look stylish and protect remarkably well. But, in addition to them, it is worth taking a closer look at models from raincoat fabrics, synthetic winterizer, duspo. And don’t forget about the bright colors or interesting print – they are sure to cheer you up.

  • Rubber boots. Wearing rubber boots in the rain to get a stylish look is absolutely the right decision. After all, at first glance…

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