How to dry your hair properly

Every woman wants to have beautiful hair. And every day he spends a certain amount of time caring for them. Yes, it takes a lot of time and effort if you want to have a gorgeous head of hair. Here you need to choose the right detergent, and additional products for hair care and nutrition. They also need to be properly washed and dried.

You can dry your hair naturally, i.e. without the use of a hair dryer or other thermal devices used for everyday styling or drying hair. You can also dry your hair with the help of the latter. Which of the two ways to give preference – each of us decides for herself. If after washing your hair you are not going anywhere, then it is better to stop your choice on natural drying. Otherwise, use a hair dryer. But in both cases, certain rules must be followed.

Dry hair naturally

If you want your hair to shine with health, then you should use a hair dryer very rarely, but it is better to refuse it altogether. But leaving your hair wet in the air, you also expose it to unwanted effects. It is also not recommended to dry your hair in direct sunlight.

There are two ways to naturally dry hair: with a towel and with your fingers.

To dry your hair with a towel, follow these rules:

  1. After you have washed your hair, you need to remove excess water. To do this, it is better to wring out the hair, but you should not twist it, otherwise it will become very brittle.
  2. Wrap your head tightly with a towel. A large terry towel or any other soft towel is best suited for this. However, it should be warm. You can heat it on the battery or iron it. The towel should be left on the head until the hair is completely dry. If possible, then try as the towel becomes wet, change it to a new warm and dry one. It is recommended to wash your hair at night and go to bed with your head wrapped in a warm towel. If for some reason you cannot completely dry your hair using a towel, you can dry it with a hair dryer or in the air.

It is very convenient, safe and fast to dry your hair with your fingers. And, most importantly, this method of drying is available to any woman. I would like to note that for owners of weakened and thin hair, this method of drying hair will be an excellent replacement for a hair dryer.

It is necessary to start drying your hair with your fingers, as with any other method, by removing excess moisture. To do this, it is best to pre-dry your hair with a warm towel. Then strands of hair are passed through the fingers, lifting and ruffling them at the roots. These movements must be fast and confident. This method will allow the hair to dry faster than towel drying, and give it extra volume.

Experts do not recommend drying your hair in the sun, for example, after swimming in a river or sea, you need to cover your head with a scarf or panama. Drying hair on curlers during sleep also negatively affects the hair. It should be noted that you need to comb your hair only after it is completely dry.

Dry your hair with a hairdryer

With the current busyness of a modern woman and, as a result, the lack of time, drying and styling hair with a hairdryer is a necessary and indispensable way. But in no case should you use an iron or curling iron to dry your hair. Thus, you can only burn your hair. Before using the hair dryer, it is recommended to use special thermal protection products for your hair, according to your type. As a rule, foam is applied to thin hair, and if you have coarse or curly hair, it is better to use a straightening cream.

The sequence of actions for drying hair with a hairdryer.

  1. Dry your hair with a towel.
  2. Brush hair. It is recommended to comb your hair with a comb with wide teeth to injure them less.
  3. Divide your hair into strands.
  4. Each strand should be dried from the roots to the tips, while it should be lifted at the base with a brush. It is recommended to use a round comb with synthetic or natural bristles, which adds extra shine to the hair. And on the hair dryer, put on the appropriate nozzle, which will simplify the process of drying your hair.
  5. Distribute the flow of warm air evenly over the entire head.
  6. You can not dry your hair with a hair dryer until completely dry, you need to leave them slightly dry.

Professionals recommend keeping the hair dryer at a distance of 8 or 10 cm from the head. In this case, the hair dryer must be held in the left hand, and the comb in the right. To reduce the effect of warm air on the scalp, you can dry your hair by tilting your head down. It is also very important to monitor the temperature regime. You need to start drying your hair from a medium or low temperature, gradually increasing it as the hair dries, and usually finish this process with cool air. It is recommended to use a low temperature during the entire drying period of the hair in the following cases: if you have thin and damaged hair, as well as if your hair is dyed with permanent dye.

Using a hair dryer not only makes the process of drying hair faster, but allows you to style it at the same time. The styling will last longer if you use cold air. With all this, experts strongly recommend occasionally giving your hair a rest and drying it naturally.

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