How to dye dark hair

Once upon a time, one day you decided to turn into a burning, fatal brunette. Or a sophisticated lady with dark brown hair. For a long, long time you enjoyed your beautiful hair color, but one day you woke up and decided: I’m tired, I’m repainting!

And only then did you remember the moralizing of older friends and fashion magazines: no light paint will take dark hair. They are right! So how to be? By no means despair. The path from brunette to blonde is long, thorny, difficult, but quite real if you are ready to embark on the warpath.

The longest option is to grow your natural hair out. It is especially convenient if they are naturally light: then they can be quickly and easily painted in the desired color without much harm.

If you have blonde hair that grows fast, you should consider this option. To accelerate hair growth, you can use masks based on yeast, onions, burdock oil. That way you will harmlessly get what you want. This option will suit you even with natural dark hair, if you do not plan to become a bright, platinum blonde: it will be enough to buy a very light paint and dye it at home.

In all other cases, the process of turning from a brunette to a blonde is as follows.

Firstly, at least a month before the first active actions, you should start intensively caring for your hair: strengthening masks at least three times a week, daily use of protective agents, injure your hair with a hairdryer and ironing as little as possible.

Then come to the hairdresser and ask the master to make you light highlights on very thin strands. Moreover, it will be necessary to immediately tint the hair with the desired paint of good quality: it will help to slightly neutralize the harm from the clarifier, and who likes to walk with yellow hair?

Then you need to wait another month, continuing active hair care. If the hair has not started to fall out pathologically, go to the hairdresser again and ask to lighten all the remaining dark strands in the same way as it was done last time. Be sure to tone freshly bleached hair.

That’s all! Now you are blonde. And if not blonde, it means that you are toned with light brown, red or some other color. One thing is important: the fight against your dark hair color has ended in your favor!

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