How to dye your hair from brunette to blonde

Many women, having naturally dark hair color, dream of being blondes. No arguments that the natural color of their hair gets along well with the rest of their appearance convince anyone. On the contrary, guided by the iconic phrase “Gentlemen Prefer Blondes”, brunettes tend to lighten or bleach their hair white, very often making a number of mistakes. Moreover, sometimes mistakes are such that it takes a long time to correct them.

Having decided to dye your hair from a brunette to a blonde, you should definitely consult a good hairdresser. The master will determine the type of hair and give some practical advice that you will need to follow.

It is better, of course, to carry out the procedure in the salon, but if a decision is made to brighten at home, then you should strictly follow the instructions given by the master.

Since the process of transforming from brunette to blonde is quite laborious and harmful, you should choose paints that cause minimal damage to your hair.

Adored by all blond girls, “Blonde” or “White Henna”, of course, will make hair blond. But will they leave them healthy?

Schwarzkopf, the best-selling hair dye, offers brighteners for any occasion, you just have to set yourself a specific goal. In each row of colors presented (for example, “Palette”) there is sure to be one that suits all points.

If the hair has not been previously dyed any dark color, then there should not be any special problems with dyeing. When lightening, the hair will be colored evenly, and the color will be even everywhere.

When the hair is very dark, lightening is carried out in several stages. With an interval of about a week, frequent highlighting is done. It is not necessary to pull strands of hair through a special cap, or wrap each colored curl in foil. It is enough just to apply the diluted paint on a rare comb or comb and comb the hair along the entire length.

Coloring should be carried out on unwashed hair to minimize any possible damage. The same procedure should be carried out until more than half of the hair becomes light in color. Then you can carry out the final staining. With this (gradual) bleaching method, the hair does not suffer very much, and an unpleasant “chicken” color rarely appears.

If the hair was previously dyed dark (especially with a red or purple tint), then it makes sense to buy and apply a special paint that washes away the previous coloring.

To date, such a product is produced by Loreal, called Eclair Clear – a special cleaner. It is even used if they want to remove natural pigment from too dark hair, which interferes with lighter coloring. The package is big enough to even cover long hair. Use – as a regular paint, the hair color will brighten a little, but the old paint will be completely washed off and the lightening process will become much easier.

After using such a tool, you can immediately completely bleach all the hair, they are already without pigment, and the coloring will be very simple, but you can also dye it in several stages.

Also, one should not forget that every two weeks it will be necessary to tint the regrown roots. If the hair was previously dark, then the difference will be very noticeable.

After lightening, if you don’t like the resulting hair color, you can apply a tone, for blondes there are a lot of them – wheat, Scandinavian, ashy, platinum – the choice is huge.

It should be remembered that the care of blond dyed hair is quite complicated. You will have to completely change hair products – shampoo, balm and others.

To make the hair look attractive and natural, it will be necessary to saturate them with vitamins and nutrients. Since bleaching dries out hair very much, trim the ends regularly. Yes, and styling products will also have to be completely changed, dyed hair requires softer care.

In addition, make-up and wardrobe positions should be reconsidered – what a brunette wears is unlikely to suit a blonde. The blonde is more likely to use light pastel colors in both cosmetics and clothing.

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