How to emphasize your advantages to look stylish

Now many women tend to follow fashion, forgetting that not every thing can decorate them due to their physique. There is no perfection in the world, and everyone, without exception, has its own advantages and disadvantages.

In fact, in order to look modern and stylish, it is not necessary to have an impeccable figure, you just need to learn how to dress in such a way as to show the originality of your body in the most advantageous light.

The ability to correctly emphasize the advantages and divert attention from the shortcomings will help you find your own style, look harmonious and feel comfortable. The main thing is to determine the best part of the body that can be emphasized.

So, for example, advantages in the form of a swan neck and a graceful line of shoulders will look spectacular against the background of bright large jewelry (for example, a variety of not very long beads, large earrings), short scarves and neckerchiefs tied in the manner of a pioneer tie (with left on the side and back ends).

Sweaters with high collars, sweaters and tops with round or shallow V-necks will add expressiveness.

The gracefulness of the lines is also emphasized by dresses with thin straps or without them at all.

Owners of lush hips and elastic buttocks should prefer tight-fitting straight long trousers with elegant thin straps, as well as skirts that outline the top of the hips and slightly diverge downwards.

To attract additional attention of interested parties to these pluses of the figure, it will be enough just to put on pants with a small silver zipper located at the back or patch pockets (however, do not forget that they will add extra volume).

If the most outstanding thing a woman has is a magnificent bust, then it is recommended to wear blouses with bold triangular cutouts, as well as wrap dresses or sweaters. Fine, not very large jewelry, for example, a chain with a drop-shaped pendant and a small brooch-pin, will well emphasize the high elastic chest.

The thinness of the waist is ideally highlighted, of course, by corsets and other figure-hugging things, as well as wide belts with elegant large buckles. Women with a wasp waist are advised to avoid any folds in clothing on this part of the body, as it will look unnatural.

To pay attention to the splendor of slender legs, you need to wear tight-fitting things, short shorts and skirts, bright tights with a pattern, catchy original shoes. The imagination of men will be excited by long skirts made of light flowing fabrics.

On ladies with beautiful hands, sweaters with separate sleeves that are worn up to the elbow or slightly higher will look advantageous. Dresses with small lanterns or no sleeves at all, coats with short sleeves in combination with elongated gloves will be relevant. The beauty and elegance of the hands are also emphasized by numerous bracelets, depending on the style: large multi-colored ones made of plastic or refined and exquisite ones made of precious metals.

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