How to enhance hair growth?

Long hair has long been considered an attribute of beauty. Even in ancient Rus’, they believed that they are a symbol of health, prosperity of the family and spiritual well-being. Nowadays, long hair also does not go out of fashion, and many girls are constantly wondering – how to enhance their growth? Sometimes it’s so tiring to wait, you want to help the natural process on your own and turn your hair into a real decoration.

The average hair growth rate per month is approximately 1 to 2 cm. It is limited by the genetic characteristics of the body and its hormonal background. But, nevertheless, it is still possible to increase hair growth. However, you need to understand that this issue requires an integrated approach, since many factors affect hair growth.

Proper nutrition

All the necessary vitamins and minerals that affect hair growth, the body receives from food. It is necessary to include proteins in the diet, because the protein substance – keratin – is the main building material for hair. Very useful foods such as eggs, cottage cheese, sour cream, milk, turkey breast, lean chicken meat.

Mandatory presence in the diet of vitamin A – carrots, liver, fish, broccoli, vitamin B – cereals, nuts, legumes, prunes.

Insufficient intake of vitamin C leads to hair loss and dryness. Therefore, you need to eat citrus fruits, berries, fresh fruits.

Of the trace elements, iron plays a very important role.

And, of course, water. On average, drinking 1 to 2 liters of water a day will keep your hair hydrated from the inside out. Water removes toxins from the body, cleanses, improves metabolism and absorption of useful elements into the blood.

Lifestyle and lack of bad habits

Much has been said about the benefits of exercise. It is only necessary to add that sport has a direct impact on the condition of the hair. Physical activity improves blood circulation and blood flow to the scalp, which leads to faster hair growth.

But alcohol and smoking have a very negative effect on the state of blood vessels, blood flow to the hair worsens, and this leads to a slowdown in hair growth and subsequent hair loss.

Proper hair care

Consists of several aspects:

  • selection of suitable products for washing hair (here it is important to take into account the structure of the hair, their type and general condition);
  • scalp massage. This simple method improves the blood supply to the head, which stimulates the activity of the hair follicles;
  • thorough combing of hair at least 2 times a day;
  • periodic cutting of the ends of the hair. This provides a greater influx of vitamins along the entire length of the hair, prevents the appearance of split ends;
  • the use of nourishing masks.

Natural hair masks

There are many recipes for masks that you can make at home. For example, “warming masks” are very effective, using pepper, mustard, ginger, cinnamon, which increase blood flow to the head. enjoys great popularity mustard mask.

To prepare it, you need:

  • Mustard – 2 tablespoons,
  • Sugar – 2 tsp,
  • Yolk – 1 pc.
  • Hair oil (burdock, linseed, or olive) – 2 tablespoons,
  • Hot water.

It is necessary to carefully mix all the ingredients, pouring in hot water last. And apply the contents to the hair roots along the partings. The mask causes a burning sensation, providing blood flow to the hair. You need to apply the mask on dry, unwashed hair, then keep it for 15 minutes to half an hour, depending on the sensations, and then rinse with water.

Mustard mask has a drying effect. And when used on dry hair, it can cause dandruff.

Pepper mask also considered to be very effective. There are many recipes for these masks with the addition of herbs and oils. You can add honey. For such a mask you will need:

  • Pepper tincture – 1 tablespoon,
  • Quail egg – 3 pcs.,
  • Linseed oil – 1 tbsp.,
  • Herbal decoction (mint or nettle) – 2 tbsp.

This mask, unlike mustard, should be applied to damp, clean hair, wrapped in a towel and kept for about 40 minutes.

Autumn is popular to use yeast mask. It contains B vitamins and protein, which contributes to the production of keratin.

There are also many recipes for masks based on them, for example, here is one of them:

  • Dry yeast – 2 tsp Mix in warm water and leave for an hour.
  • Kefir – 0.5 cups,
  • Honey – 2 tsp

Mix all the ingredients and apply to the hair roots, cover with cellophane and hold for half an hour to an hour.

All these and many other masks are made at home. But sometimes there just isn’t enough time for that. Then ready-made hair care products come to the rescue.

Cosmetics that accelerate hair growth

Store products include a set of ingredients selected by experts and optimally affecting the condition of the hair. Manufacturers such as

Schwarzkopf, Londa, Garnier, etc. represent a whole range of different serums, masks and tonics for different types of hair. There are also Russian manufacturers on the market, their choice is also quite wide.

Vitamin complexes and tablets

Sometimes even good nutrition cannot provide the body with all the necessary minerals and trace elements. Therefore, for hair growth, professionals have developed whole vitamin complexes and supplements. They contain in their composition a specially selected group of vitamins (A, B, C, E, Fe, Zn, etc.) that act specifically on the hair follicles, activating their activity and stimulating them. However, before using these supplements, be sure to consult your doctor to avoid an allergic reaction.

Taking drugs will not affect the density of the hair, since the number of active hair follicles is genetically determined, it cannot be influenced in any way.

In addition, the activation of hair growth under the action of tablets occurs not only on the head. Their action is distributed evenly throughout the body hairline. Therefore (this applies more to women), depilation can become more painful, and it will need to be done more often.

As you can see, there are many methods to increase hair growth today. It is important to remember that the condition of the hair depends directly on the overall health of the body. And growing long, healthy, shiny hair is not a matter of one day, a matter that will require effort and attention to yourself. But the result is worth it.

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