How to enlarge breasts at home

If you want to make your breasts perfect, but you don’t have money or desire to go to a clinic or salon, then use our advice.

Physical education for your bust: exercises

Only 10-15 minutes of special physical education a day and after 10-15 weeks your bust will pleasantly surprise not only you, but also those around you. To get free beauty, you need to perform several exercises.

The most important thing is push-ups: first – from the bench, then – from the floor. To complete the next task, you need to lower your hands on your shoulders, and then raise your shoulders, take them back, lower them, “feed” forward, do the same in reverse order. Or the third version of the exercise: standing on your toes, you need to raise your right hand up and reach for it, then your left hand, etc.

Compresses for bust enlargement

If you find another 10-15 minutes after such “chest” physical education in order to apply certain beneficial mixtures to your chest, then you will take the second step towards beauty. Forward!

Mix 4-5 teaspoons of warmed milk with a teaspoon of cottage cheese and grease the bust with this composition. Helps in this good deed and cucumber, passed through a grater. With the first or second compress, of course, it is necessary to gently and slowly massage the resulting mass, as if lifting your beautiful forms up. Be careful, as the skin on the chest is softer than usual.

To not drink or smoke

You can go in for physical education, even for a hundred years, use a hundred buckets of milk or a hundred cucumbers for massage, but if you lead a wrong lifestyle, nothing will help you. At the same time, and this is a prerequisite, you should completely forget about cigarettes and stop drinking alcohol, in any case, often and in large quantities. Diets are bad too!

The most useful foods for the mammary gland are citrus fruits, apricots and carrots. Here you do not deny yourself.

bras and so on

New life is new underwear. If you used to wear a sexy bra on special occasions, now it should become the norm. This will increase the effect, emphasize the success in what you started.

And you, throwing away a cigarette and refusing a glass of wine, are already doing physical education with might and main and with maximum effect rub and massage those places that you yourself will not recognize soon. A little more, a little more, and all the men are at your feet, or rather, at your chest.

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