How to enlarge breasts with folk remedies

People’s councils can be very useful because they absorb the experience of several generations. But it is not always positive. Bringing the desired result for one, can often cause significant harm to another. Also in the case of breast augmentation, one should not blindly trust the wisdom of the ancestors, since it is not completely safe from the point of view of medicine, but it would be foolish to neglect them.

And in order not to harm the body, you need to familiarize yourself not only with effective advice, but also with some misconceptions.

Misconceptions and stereotypes

One of the most common bad advice is inclusion in the diet of foods high in fat. This can only lead to an overall increase in body weight, while the chest will account for only 20% of the total weight gain.

But there are also “alternative”, or rather, the right fats. They will not harm the problem areas of the waist and buttocks, but will be useful for the soft tissue of the breast. You can find them in the following products:

  • – fish;
  • – seafood;
  • – olives;
  • – nuts;
  • – avocado;
  • – vegetable oils.

Physical exercise promotes breast enlargement. In this case, there are also some nuances.

  • Classes both on special simulators in the gym, and with any possible equipment at home, cannot contribute to breast enlargement by several sizes.
  • Sports exercises with an emphasis on the upper body will only help to change the shape of the chest for the better, give tone and elasticity, and also make the figure proportional. And for the whole body, physical activity will only benefit.

Various hot compresses and warming agents increase blood flow to the problematic part of the body, which contributes to its growth.

The application of iodine mesh and mustard masks can injure the delicate and thin skin of the chest. Burns, allergies, rashes are common consequences of experiments with this method.

Warm and contrasting compresses will help to achieve the desired volume. As ingredients for them are suitable:

  • ylang-ylang oils;
  • sea ​​salt;
  • cacao butter;
  • almond oil;
  • blue clay;
  • geranium.

drinking beer – a reliable way to make the bust more voluminous.

Drinks sold in stores today are unlikely to have any effect on breast enlargement. Since there is little left of those components that should promote the growth of the mammary glands. In addition, do not forget about the dangers of alcohol and the possibility of weight gain, again thanks to this drink.

In this case, it is much better to use hop cones, make a decoction of them and consume it regularly. True, this drink has its own characteristics.

The most effective ways

But there are a lot of ways that were noticed by girls of past generations that help make breasts bigger and more attractive. These steps are the safest.

Breast augmentation with plantscontaining phytoestrogen. This is a component identical to the hormone produced in the female body. The result of his lack is a small chest and a “boyish” figure. These funds are much safer than various tablets and dietary supplements, which may contain a lot of unsafe components.

Such plants can be used as a decoction of both one component and several.

Fenugreek (fennel, fenugreek) is considered the most effective for breast growth. It can be brewed as a tea or used as an addition to body lotion.

Other plants can be used in the same way.

  • Red clover.
  • Strawberry leaf tea.
  • Oregano decoction.

Contrast shower or cold water massage. This process naturally causes a rush of blood to the site of influence and allows you to achieve an increase in breast volume.

If water procedures are completed with a massage using a firming cream or herbal infusions, the result can be significantly improved. You need to choose any technique you like, or simply massage the upper and lower parts of the chest, avoiding the nipple area.

Various breast masks using both the aforementioned plants and foodstuffs can also help to achieve the goal.

  • Cosmetic clay will help strengthen the skin and get rid of external damage.
  • Cottage cheese and sour cream help moisturize.
  • A boiled potato mask with honey, cream and vegetable oil also helps breast growth.
  • One of the most pleasant procedures is the application of a mixture of crushed rose petals and cream.

Special meals. The basis of the nutrition system should be dairy products, as well as saturated vegetable and monounsaturated fats. In addition, mixing some components is of particular importance for obtaining a magnificent bust.

  • Bananas and milk are a pleasant and healthy cocktail. Turmeric can also be added to milk.
  • Walnuts, honey and lemon juice is a miraculous mixture that should be consumed regularly for several months.
  • Flax seeds are also great helpers in achieving this goal. They can be used as an additive in various salads, or simply mixed with milk or fermented milk products.

But it should be borne in mind that any effect can be achieved only with regular procedures, using all methods in combination.

Alternative Breast Augmentation Methods

Shiatsu massage or Japanese technique. The essence of this method is the gradual impact on certain points of the body. The effect will be positive not only for a specific part of the body, but for the whole organism in general:

  • the aging process slows down;
  • the figure is saved;
  • improves complexion and skin condition;
  • breast enlargement.

Mieko Yoshimaru’s technique is based on the principle of filling the breast with fat from other parts of the body through massage. For example, such as:

  • hands;
  • stomach;
  • inner side of the thigh, slightly above the knee.

This method does not require a long period of time and is only 15 minutes per day.

Psychological technique, which requires almost no effort on the physical side. The basic principle is the ability to control your body and recreate the right sensations at any convenient time. To do this, you will have to try hard, but having learned, the process is much more intense. To do this, you need to go through several stages.

  • Imagine the ideal image of the breast: shape, size. And at the right time to play it in my head.
  • Feel the moment of blood flow to the chest and a slight tingling. To do this, you can do procedures that cause these physical sensations and remember them. Again, in order to call them without the help of any external influences.

Also exists many complex…

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