How to even out the tone of the face – the secrets of disguise

The basis of good makeup is a natural, lively complexion. But not every girl, and even more so a woman, has a naturally beautiful complexion. An even skin tone becomes like a canvas for makeup. After all, spots on the face will only distract from the makeup done, and spoil it. But do not despair.

There are some secrets that will help to cope with the tone of the face, and let it look more natural and natural.

Skin cleaning

An important condition for beautiful skin and its tone is regular cleaning. You should take care of your face and use peeling to cleanse the skin of dead cells. Peeling allows you to get rid of the dullness and yellowness of the skin. Now many beauty salons offer different facial cleaning services. This type of procedure can be carried out independently at home. A scrub is good for cleansing the skin of the face. You can either buy it or make it yourself. Instead of a scrub, you can use boiled coffee or rice washed through a coffee grinder. The resulting product is mixed with foam and the face is massaged with it.


Proper skin care must include moisturizing. Moisturize your skin well before applying makeup. The cream should not be greasy. Remember that in order to replenish the water supply of the skin, you should drink plenty of water. All creams will be stupid and will not help if the body does not have enough water.

Tone equalization

Remember a good foundation. The right foundation does wonders for your skin tone. Apply evenly to damp skin. The tone will immediately change and become more even.

Deficiency Correction

Use concealer if needed. Take a small amount of concealer and apply it on blemishes and under the eyes to hide possible dark circles.

Care of the eyelids

Don’t forget the centuries. Many have small capillaries visible on the eyelids. To hide them, it is worth applying a little tonal foundation on the eyelids. Then the capillaries will not rush into the eyes, and spoil the overall appearance of the skin. Do not forget that you can also apply shadow on the eyelids and express the eyes.


Blush or bronzer will give liveliness to the face. After evening out the tone, the skin may look somewhat lifeless. Blush applied on the cheeks and a light touch on the chin and forehead will enliven the look.


The final moment is the application of powder. It will remove shine from the skin and give it a matte finish, while fixing makeup for a long time. Powder should be applied with a light kabuki brush. It is worth making sure not to apply too much powder, the excess should be shaken off the brush.

Thus, following these tips, you can not only achieve a magnificent, even skin tone, but also turn ordinary makeup into a no-makeup effect. After all, the aerobatics of applying makeup is when, in the presence of cosmetics on the face, it is almost invisible. And don’t forget to smile. A smile will emphasize any dignity and even without makeup can do magic with a face.

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