How to find your style

Not a day goes by without the appraising glances of those around you. In this article, we will figure out how to find your individual style in clothes. At work, school or in the parks, other people’s eyes are looking at us from head to toe. They can smile, or they can shake their heads in disgust. Often a woman listens to the opinion of sellers of fashion boutiques. And he does not think that they just want to sell this or that little thing at a higher price. In the role of a consultant are girlfriends who do not particularly care how you look. It’s better for them to look better against your background, or they have their own style that doesn’t suit you at all.

It is best to turn to fashion experts in this matter, that is, to a stylist. But, as you know, this expensive pleasure is not affordable for everyone. The style needs to be matched, office business – a vamp or a cute housewife. Decide on a style that is more comfortable for you. Choose clothes appropriate for the occasion. For work, a strict but elegant suit in dark colors, for a walk, a cute, bright dress. The main thing is not to confuse. It is also worth considering the figure, for each woman it is different. Choose a model that emphasizes the advantages and hides the flaws.

Choosing images for the figure

  1. A trapezoid figure. Semi-tight dresses are more suitable for this type. No pencil skirts. Long cut jackets love this figure, and flared trousers will look good. You can wear short shorts with a high waist. Trapeze is emphasized by tracksuits.
  2. Triangle figure. But here, on the contrary, it is worth emphasizing the waist. Tight pencil dresses, any jeans. The main thing is not any bright patterns, they will make you larger in volume. In this case, you can not choose a swimsuit, but take any. Long floor-length dresses with an open leg as an option for an evening out.
  3. Rectangle shape. Short tops are no exception for such a figure. Rectangular dresses and skirts plus straight-cut jackets. The straighter, the better. Try to focus on the chest to highlight the top. Leggings and shorts will have to be excluded. This figure, any accessories of a catchy character do not go at all.
  4. Hourglass figure. This figure has no restrictions in styles, but also does not like loose styles. It is necessary to exclude wide trousers and skirts. You can emphasize the chosen style with belts or scarves. The main thing is to show all your advantages, do not be shy about such a body. Floor-length coats and fur coats are ideal for the winter. Pencil skirts with a high waist will suit, the same can be said about trousers.

Often, massive accessories in clothes spoil the most feminine style. Stylists constantly say that there should be a minimum of trinkets in the image, otherwise you will look like a magpie. Bright and small accessories do not look appropriate, it is better to opt for more expensive things. Neat gold earrings will replace many colorful bracelets and chains. And finally, you can take and read fashion magazines with images, this will make it easier to choose the right style.

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