How to freshen up your look this spring without spending too much

Wondering how to freshen up your look this spring without spending too much? We have collected all the most effective ways for you in our new article!


Wardrobe revision

Seems like an obvious tip, but it really works. It’s simple: by getting rid of old and boring things, you somehow magically attract new things into your life. Perhaps it will happen like this: you will sell some of the things, and with the accumulated savings you will get a dress with a completely spring mood.

During the revision of the wardrobe, you can also visually assess which items are clearly missing and which clothes are present in excess.

Another feature of the wardrobe analysis is the creation of new combinations and the transformation of forgotten things. It doesn’t take much talent to do up the buttons on a shirt in a fresh way and flirtatiously open the shoulders or put it on backwards. There are a lot of options for such transformations!

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Everything new is forgotten old

A wardrobe revision sometimes leads to unexpected stylish discoveries. Fashion is a changeable lady, but all her trends are quite cyclical. Things often return to trends that many girls have been waiting for their high point for a long time on the far shelf of the closet.

For example, you can revive a loose dress with a floral print. In the spring, it is fashionable to wear it with boots or ankle boots, with a trench or coat. And when it gets a little warmer, be sure to try on a stylish tandem with a cardigan or jumper.

All kinds of vests have triumphantly returned to fashion – knitted, suit, short and elongated. A novelty familiar to everyone for a long time can coolly refresh a familiar bow.

A trend straight from the shows for the most daring girls is a vest on a naked body. This technique looks very piquant and seductive – just what you need for spring!

You can borrow some trends from your missus. For example, many top shows featured a tie. Such a stylish element looks great in the company of loose shirts, suits with shorts and even dresses.

Bet on print

If, while sorting out your wardrobe, you find that your closet has a lot of basic solid color “tops”, shake them up with a printed bottom. For example, you can decide on a leopard print skirt that will look great paired with black, white, beige and brown things.

Pants or a skirt with a black and white print are a practical investment that will freshen up any boring top. We offer to create a spring mood with light and pastel things.

Color therapy

If you can put “excellent” for a well-composed wardrobe base, you can always refresh your usual looks with juicy accents. Buying separate bright accessories or details will not hurt your pocket, but will definitely breathe life into the basic combinations of things.

The trend for the most daring is neon. But at the peak of popularity were other juicy accents – fuchsia, azure, red, orange and electric blue shades. The accent may not be a color, but a three-dimensional detail. For example, you can instantly refresh a familiar dress or blouse with a large ribbon bow.

We remember the lessons of labor

If needlework was just a pleasant hobby for you until today, now it can give you a lot of trendy things. The fact is that knitwear has become a hot trend in spring 2020. Crochet equipment was especially in demand. By this principle, you can create a top, dress, skirt or cape. Anything marked “hand made” is a great way to transform familiar looks and give them a trendy sound.


Spring 2020 is the best time to introduce pastel shades into your wardrobe. If you already have them in your closet, feel free to combine them with each other – you get fresh and stylish looks. You can limit yourself to one thing in pastel colors (lavender, lemon and pistachio tones are the main hits of 2020) and combine it with the wardrobe base.

And this spring it is very fashionable to bet on white, which is gorgeous in monochrome.

More feminine

We continue to sing the ode to femininity – in the 2020 season, you can remember not only about pastels, but also about flying translucent textures, floral prints and polka dot motifs, pleating, frills and mini lengths. In a word, any attributes that emphasize your attractiveness and femininity will be justified.

Such new old jeans

Jeans are the universal soldier of the female wardrobe, which helps out whenever the thought “I have nothing to wear” creeps in. In this case, you can try to choose a non-trivial top for your favorite jeans. The choice can fall on a denim item (total bows are still on horseback!), a Victorian-style blouse, a button-down cardigan, a bandeau top, a trendy satin top, with sheer elements or voluminous sleeves. Experiment!

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Emphasis on the waist

When everyday looks get boring, it’s time to add accessories. A great idea would be to accentuate the waist with a contrasting belt, sash, or silk scarf. This trick can be done with almost any outfit, and this photo collection is a perfect proof of that.

[stextbox id=’info’]The belt in all the examples provided is an effective way to create a feminine and complete look.[/stextbox]

New combinations

Refresh your look this spring with new interesting combinations. As a rule, they are made up of familiar things that may appear to you in a completely different way.

A dress with trousers or jeans is a trend that is just starting to gain momentum, but it has a lot of stylistic potential. Best for this look is a shirt dress, a model with a wrap or with a vertical slit.

A top with a shirt or dress is also something new and interesting.

At first glance, nondescript cardigans and jumpers can find a second life in fresh and trendy combinations. For example, you can try to put into practice a duet with oversized trousers or trendy jeans.

[stextbox id=’info’]For things with a retro mood, it is always better to choose a company from current trends.[/stextbox]

Details matter

Hair is another way to freshen up your look at minimal cost. Sea of ​​options! You can experiment with new hairstyles, wind up romantic curls or add accessories (currently in the top there are ribbons, headbands, hairpins, pearls and rhinestones).

A more radical, but most effective way is fresh hair coloring. Balayazh, shatush, coloring, natural highlighting, soft natural or extremely bright colors – current trends have something to offer you!

A new manicure will help create a spring mood in the image. Graceful flowers, stones, feminine patterns, cheerful inscriptions, twigs and leaves will be very useful. In spring manicure, delicate pastel shades come to the fore. Even the monochrome…

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