How to gain weight

Today, we will talk about how to gain weight. First you need to figure out what type of person you are. There are people who can, eat whatever they want and how much they want, while not gaining weight at all. (These are ectomorphs). There is also a type of people who restrict themselves in food, and, despite this, gain weight. (These are Endomorphs).

But in any case, you will have to normalize your metabolism, this will help your body get the maximum amount of proteins and trace elements from food. This is done in the following way. You need to divide all the food that you consume for the whole day into 6 equal portions. Take these portions at intervals of 2-3 hours throughout the day. This can be easily done, as the portions will be very small.

Try to ensure that you never feel hungry.

Let’s talk about calories

You need to start a diary in which you will write down everything that you ate during the day, then, using the calorie table, calculate how many calories you eat per day. In order to gain weight, you need to multiply your body weight by 30 and you will get the number of calories you need per day. But to be sure, it is better to add another 150-200 to this number and strictly adhere to this figure.

Foods to be consumed

These are, first of all, those in which a high protein content, such as fish, chicken breast, cottage cheese, must also be included in the porridge diet, they contain a lot of complex carbohydrates that will provide your body with energy for almost the whole day.

Here is a sample menu for the day of a person who wants to gain weight. Breakfast is definitely porridge. After 2 hours, you can eat another serving of porridge. Or substitute fruits and vegetables. Lunch should be a mixture of protein and carbohydrate foods, such as pasta with chicken breast or fish. After 2 hours after dinner, you should eat fruit. Dinner should be protein foods, such as boiled eggs. Before going to bed, it is best to eat a serving of cottage cheese, since cottage cheese contains a type of protein (casein) that is absorbed for a very long time, and it will last almost all night.

It is also worth noting that fruits and vegetables can be eaten in unlimited quantities. But it is better to try to avoid fatty, fried foods. Useful weight when eating fatty foods will not work. So that all the food that you consume per day is not deposited in the fat folds on the sides and thighs.

It is recommended to do light exercises once a day, such as abs and squats. When your muscles start working, they need protein to repair and grow. If the muscles do not work, then all the protein will simply turn into fat. And you will not achieve the desired result in the end.

It is also worth focusing on the water. On average, you need to drink 1-1.5 liters of water per day, as well as possible to limit salt intake, since salt retains water in the body.

Healthy eating is the key to your health, whether you want to gain weight or, on the contrary, lose weight. Be healthy!

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