How to get an even tan without sunburn

It’s already the height of summer – the season of holidays, fruits, the sea and, of course, chocolate tan. Almost every woman dreams of a beautiful golden tan, which is not so easy to get. But we must not forget that ultraviolet rays negatively affect our skin.

Excessive solar portion leads to premature aging and wilting. To get a beautiful tan without spoiling your skin, you need to know how to tan properly, and in this we will give you some tips.

Before going to warm countries, the skin must be prepared for strong ultraviolet rays. Such sunbathing can be stressful for an unprepared body.

A few weeks before the trip, visit the solarium, at least a couple of times for 5 minutes. This will give your skin a slightly swarthy golden hue. Thanks to this preparation, the southern rays of the sun will not be dangerous for you, and you yourself will feel more comfortable among the resting “chocolate” people.

Don’t forget to take your sunscreen and after-sun spray with you on vacation. Choose the degree of protection of the cream depending on what type of skin you have and how strong UV rays you will be exposed to. You need to smear them not only when you go to sunbathe directly on the beach, but even when you just go outside, especially in very hot countries.

When choosing the time to go to the beach, do not forget that the sun has its own hours, when it is most active and most dangerous for us. It is believed that you can sunbathe from 9 to 11 am, and from 16 to 19 pm. For the rest of the time, it is best not to go out at all, but to relax in a cool room, having an afternoon rest.

When swimming in the sea, do not forget about the property of water – to reflect the sun’s rays. Therefore, you should not spend a lot of time near the water surface, here you can tan several times faster than lying on the sand. You will not even notice how you get burned, but you can only find it when you come to the room.

Coming out of the sea, it is better to wipe yourself off immediately, do not wait for the water droplets to dry on your body. Sea drops are like lenses – they reflect sunlight and your skin heats up very quickly.

Also, don’t forget other sun protection measures. Use lip balm, as they do not produce melanin, which means they are most susceptible to the harmful effects of the sun. Hair can be protected with a straw hat, bandana, panama or any other headgear.

Follow these simple rules, and then by the end of summer you will have an even, beautiful tan. Happy holidays!

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