How to get better fast for a girl

When visiting sites and communities about proper nutrition on social networks, a misleading impression is created that all people, especially girls, are striving to lose weight. All this is due to the protracted fashion for anorexia – girls from a very early age are taught that beauty is more manifested in thin people. But some underweight people, on the contrary, need to gain it if it is necessary for good metabolism, digestion, hormonal levels and aesthetic appearance. Among the many diets, nutrition plans and sports, it is not easy to find the right way to gain weight correctly, well and quickly.

So what is the fastest way to get better?

The weight/height ratio is called body mass index and allows you to determine the condition of your body and understand how many kilograms you need to gain or lose in order to feel better.

Many doctors argue that this index depends on temperament, for example, melancholic people are thinner and their bone tissue predominates, sanguine people have muscle tissue, phlegmatic people are always “in the body” and have a fat body, and choleric people are considered the thinnest.

To move to the desired size, you need to highlight a few main points.


To deal with the consequence, you need to identify the root causes. First of all, you need to understand the reasons for your underweight. They are psychological, hereditary and physical.

  • Heredity is the so-called constitution of the body. Even at school, they explained to us that heredity is the transfer of genes from parents to children, in other words, if you have short, fragile parents, then you most likely are not overweight.
  • Psychological disorders – there can be many reasons when the brain subconsciously begins to suppress the feeling of hunger – psychological trauma, severe stress, one’s own mental attitudes. So, for example, a girl convinces herself that if she gets fat, she will become ugly, everyone will turn away from her and she will not be able to establish a personal life. All this can lead to a disease – anorexia – a complete loss of appetite with the body’s objective need for nutrition.
  • Wrong way of life. The modern pace of life is becoming more and more violent and fast over time. Sleep deprivation, stress, on-the-go snacking and poor eating habits often result in both under- and overeating, skipping meals and late-night snacking. Behind this are often diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, such as gastritis and ulcers – diseases that are increasingly spreading and getting younger with each new decade.
  • Failure in the hormonal system. Disruption of the glands that produce hormones can be disrupted for many reasons: psychological trauma, illness, as a consequence of childbirth or the period of adolescence. Hormonal disorders are difficult to detect and treat. It is impossible to do without appropriate consultations from specialists.
  • Bad habits. Most often it is smoking or excessive alcohol consumption. The body is exposed to poisons and is severely damaged, while drying out the adipose tissue.
  • Frequent severe stress. During stressful and nervous situations, the same thing happens to the human body as during physical exertion: pressure rises, breathing and heart rate increase, sweating increases, and therefore calories are burned at the same rate as during enhanced physical exercises. Not to mention that stress affects the nervous system and can lead to nervous breakdowns and serious mental disorders.
  • Parasites. With sudden and severe weight loss, it is recommended to be screened for parasites that live in your body and literally “feed on you”. To date, there are many means for the detection and treatment of parasites.

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For quick weight gain, you need to clearly understand what foods and in what quantities you need to consume so as not to harm your body. First, the number of calories consumed must exceed the number burned. This means that if you move a lot during the day, then the calorie content of food should be higher than usual.

The diet should be high in protein and carbohydrates – this is food for your muscles. Do not get carried away with fried foods, excessive salt intake and fatty foods. Everything should be in moderation.

Drink enough fluids – about 1.5 liters of fluid per day. If desired, you can replace the water with green tea.

Don’t overeat before bed, heavy meals at night will damage your stomach and leave unsightly cellulite on your legs.


It would seem that everything is simple – if you want to gain weight, then lie down on the sofa and chew buns with jam in large quantities. But such an opinion is terribly wrong – on such a “diet” you will quickly ruin your stomach, you will have an unpleasant shortness of breath, your cholesterol level will increase, and the weight gained will be unevenly deposited in completely unnecessary places – on your stomach and sides.

Above all, food should remain healthy and natural. Stuffing your stomach with hamburgers will not lead to anything good. Calculate how many daily calories you consume. To increase this number, you need to consume more high-calorie foods daily. For example, cereals, cereals, bakery, rich products, vegetables, fruits, meat, fish, etc. Divide food into several meals – from 5 to 8 per day. So you won’t stay hungry for a minute, but you won’t overeat either.

Here is a sample diet for weight gain:

  • Breakfast: oatmeal milk porridge, tea with sugar, a bun with butter;
  • Lunch: Meat soup, vegetable salad with butter, bread;
  • Dinner: Cutlets, mashed potatoes, broccoli;
  • In breaks: fruits, sweets, cookies, tea with sugar.
Before going to bed, drink tea, kefir, milk, or a protein drink. Eat in a relaxed atmosphere, preferably at the dinner table, without a TV, phone or book, replace them with a pleasant conversation with an interlocutor.


For weight gain, in addition to adipose tissue, it is also useful to build muscle. This can be done through regular exercise. You can join the gym and train under the supervision of a personal trainer. But some results can be achieved at home, the main thing is to properly prepare a lesson plan, do not forget about regularity and not be afraid of difficulties. It must also be remembered that training must be combined with proper, healthy and high-calorie nutrition.

It is best to start with the muscles of the legs – these muscles swing easier, and you will be happy to acquire beautiful voluminous and elastic hips. The main exercises for developing leg muscles are squats with and without weight, squats with a wide leg arrangement, tilts with …

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