How to get better skinny?

How many of us are surrounded by girls and women suffering from overweight. They look enviously at slender girls. But no one guesses how many girls think how they would quickly gain weight. They look at their girlfriends and envy their rounded shapes, which men often look at.

There are thousands of copies of books on weight loss and fast weight loss, but how often have you seen books on how to quickly become fat. But gaining that weight is not easy. Perhaps this is even more difficult than losing weight. This diet is not to lose weight, but to get better.

First, a thin girl needs to find out if she is sick. There are many diseases that consume the fat layer and energy. And the only way to gain weight is through treatment. If she is healthy, the problem is different – worms. Do not be surprised, it happens that during the treatment of helminthic invasion, it can help restore balance in the body.

If you have solved this problem, then let’s learn how to eat right. Food should contain calories, but this does not mean that you need to constantly count these calories. High-calorie foods contain proteins, carbohydrates, and fats that will help you gain weight. But do not get carried away only with fatty or carbohydrate foods. You must eat a balanced diet. And by the way, you need to forget that you are gaining weight – for sure. You should eat with great pleasure, and not for the sake of gaining weight.

Also, there is a type about which people say “Not in horse food.” These are people who eat well, a lot, but do not get fat. For them, gaining a kilogram is a miracle. There are some physiological reasons for this. For example, an excess of cortisol, our hormone that is responsible for tissue breakdown. That’s why they can’t get fat.

Here is one of the recipes for weight gain (recipe tested), of course you can change the contents of it, you won’t eat the same thing for a whole month, but it’s best to change the products from the recipe with identical products.

Your breakfast will consist of barley or oatmeal. “Ugh, what a mess!” you say. But nothing like that. These two cereals contain a set of nutrients that are needed in order to build up fat and muscle tissue. They are a source of calories. And yes, porridge should, not on water, but on milk. And don’t dilute it with water. Sandwich, best with butter and cheese. Tea, best with sugar.

And now the volume: tea – 200 ml., porridge – 200 g., sandwich – 50 g. After a couple of 2-3 hours – eat cottage cheese – 200g, tea – 200g. Two hours later – a banana. Now lunch: borsch – 150-200g, mashed potatoes or pasta with a cutlet – 150g, tea with a cake or a bun. If you do not like sweets, you can eat a sandwich with sausage or cheese – 50g.

Two hours after you have had lunch, you need to eat fruit. Apple, peach, banana, pear. Two hours later – vegetable salad, something flour, tea. For dinner: baked meat (with mayonnaise or cheese). And steamed vegetables. All this must be eaten with bread. Two hours later – tea, milk or kefir. The main thing in weight gain is to eat more often, but in small portions, so that everything is assimilated.

You can add sports, I advise you to go to the gym, run in the evenings, do fitness. After two weeks (for some, after a month), you will notice the effect, whether you should continue – you decide for yourself. Proper nutrition, sports and your figure will be what you want!

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