How to get rid of breeches on the hips

For many women, riding breeches on the hips is the number one problem that significantly spoils their lives. Moreover, this trouble happens not only for full ladies, but also for thin people. It is especially difficult for the latter to get rid of this scourge. To remove the hated centimeters on the hips, you have to work hard. First of all, this is an integrated approach, which consists of proper nutrition, exercise, as well as skin care for problem areas.


Needless to say, if you don’t diet, you can’t beat thigh fat. Many people think that in order to lose weight, nothing should be eaten. This is an erroneous opinion. Eating is necessary, but certainly right. Therefore, it is worth reconsidering your regimen and diet. Try to eat in small portions, chewing your food thoroughly. You should exclude carbonated drinks, mayonnaise, sweets, starchy foods. Try to eat more vegetables and fruits. Meat, fish, cottage cheese, dairy products must be present in your diet. Also, do not forget about the liquid. Drink up to 2 liters of water per day. With it, toxins and toxins are removed from the body and the body is cleansed.

Exercise stress

To get rid of the “riding breeches”, you need to do physical exercises daily. In the fight for slender hips, cardio (running, jumping rope, exercise bike) will help you. Cardio exercises make the heart work faster, which leads to a faster metabolism and, therefore, fat burning. Work out for 30 minutes to an hour, depending on your weight.

The following exercises will help get rid of the “riding breeches”.

  1. Move your legs. This exercise can be performed both lying down and standing. Lie on your side. Rest your hand on your elbow, stretch your legs. Raise your top leg as far as you can until you feel tension. Then do the exercise lying on the other side.
  2. Walking on the buttocks. Sit on the floor with your legs straight. Put your hands to your sides, or put them behind your head so that they do not interfere with you. Without bending your knees, move your hips as if you were walking. First forward, then back. Do the exercise until you feel a burning sensation in the muscles.
  3. Lunges. Stand up straight with your feet together. For efficiency, you can take dumbbells in your hands. Take a step back. At the same time, lunge as if obliquely at 45 degrees. Repeat the exercise on the other leg. Do several approaches.
  4. Squats. You can perform this exercise with or without weights. Stand straight, hands on your belt, feet shoulder-width apart, and begin to squat. Keep your back straight all the time. Repeat 20 times for 3 sets.
  5. Taking the leg to the side. Get on your knees, put your hands on the floor. Take the bent leg to the side and back to the starting position. Try to keep your back and head straight. Repeat 20 times for 3 sets on each leg.

Honey massage

Honey massage is an effective remedy against cellulite. Honey promotes the removal of fluid and toxins from the body, improves blood circulation in tissues, and destroys fat cells. The skin is smoothed, its firmness and elasticity increase.

The course is designed for 10-15 sessions, which should be carried out every other day for an average of 10-15 minutes, but no more than 20. However, honey massage is not suitable for everyone. Before doing it, make sure you have no contraindications and allergic reactions to honey.

Before the procedure, clean the pores on the skin. To do this, take a shower with gel. Rub your thighs well with a washcloth or massage mitt. The next step is to apply a scrub and also massage the problem areas, then rinse with warm water. Then dry yourself with a towel and warm up the “riding breeches” area with massage movements.

Honey must first be heated to make it liquid. Apply the finished mixture evenly on problem areas and let it soak in. Begin to massage with light patting movements, gradually strengthening the technique. Stick the palm to the body for a few seconds, and then tear off sharply. When the honey changes color and forms a thick gray mass, finish the massage. Rinse off the residue with warm water and apply a moisturizing or anti-cellulite cream to the skin. This procedure is quite painful, after it there are bruises in some places, which then disappear. But don’t be afraid. Gradually, the skin will adapt, and the massage will be easier to tolerate. After a couple of procedures, you can see a positive result.

Wraps with honey and mustard

Wrapping is another versatile tool that helps to cope with extra centimeters on the hips. Mustard has a warming effect, increases blood circulation in tissues, breaks down fat deposits.

Before the procedure, do a warming massage, you can treat the skin with a scrub. Then take 1 tbsp. a spoonful of honey, preheated and mix with 1 tbsp. a spoonful of dry mustard powder, which is also pre-diluted in warm water. You can add a few drops of any aromatic oil. Apply the resulting mixture to problem areas and wrap with cling film. From above, put on warm pants or wrap yourself in a warm scarf. After 30 minutes, wash off the mixture with warm water and apply a moisturizer.

Honey-mustard wrap should be done with care, as mustard can cause burns. Therefore, for the first time, take the minimum amount of mustard powder, gradually increasing it during subsequent procedures. Also make sure that you do not have allergic reactions and contraindications. The course of wraps is 10-15 sessions. Between them, be sure to take breaks of 2-3 days.


Sometimes women do not want to make an effort and want to quickly remove fat deposits in the breeches zone. In this case, they resort to liposuction (fat suction). Liposuction will correct your figure in the shortest possible time. But it is not suitable for everyone, as it has many contraindications. Before doing it, you need to consult with a specialist.

As a rule, this operation is performed under local anesthesia for 2-3 hours. Patients tolerate it quite well and can go home the same day. Recovery after the procedure occurs on average after 2 weeks.

But, dear ladies, remember that liposuction will not rid you of fat deposits forever.

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