How to get rid of hickey

Nowadays, many males can give their lady a hickey, thereby showing that she is not free. Probably, many faced such problem. So, what is suction? In fact, it is an intense pinch, after which a small hematoma remains. The hickey lasts about a week and, of course, causes a lot of inconvenience. It is rather unpleasant to have red-brown marks on your body that are left from love joys. Because of this, you have to wear sweaters under your throat, wrap yourself in scarves. But there are several ways to get rid of hickeys.

How to disguise a hickey on the neck?

In the cold season, you can wear a turtleneck with a high neck or tie a warm scarf. If you have a business meeting planned in the near future and you need to wear a white blouse, then you need to use corrective means. You can try to hide it with foundation. You need to remember that the tone should be lighter than the one you use for the face. If the hickey is a rich, bright red, try hiding it with some nice neckerchief that will go with the blouse.

How to get rid of hickey with the help of folk remedies?

Cut, peeled fresh potatoes, into two parts. Apply half to the suction site for 15 minutes, while massaging a little. If there is no time, then make a compress from grated potatoes and fasten it around your neck. You can make an infusion of aloe on vodka, and apply compresses to bruises. You can also rub the hickey with a clove of garlic.

A fresh hickey can be removed with regular baking soda. To do this, mix soda with water to get a very thick consistency. Apply the mass to the suction site.

Cabbage leaf is suitable for those who do not have food allergies. First, it should be heated, and then applied for 30-40 minutes. For greater effect, you need to bandage with a warm scarf. This method is suitable for those whose skin does not tolerate creams and healing ointments.

Another way suggests you mix laundry soap, sugar and onions in equal proportions. And, from the resulting mixture, make compresses. But this method should also be treated with caution. Laundry soap can dry out the skin, and onions can cause irritation.

Toothpaste contains ingredients that can help dissolve bruises and bruises. You need to mix the paste and a small amount of water. It should not be a very thick slurry. Lubricate the affected areas. But you need to know that the paste has substances that can cause an allergic reaction. And, be sure, before using, first apply it on the elbow. If the skin turns red, then in no case do not use it. And, in addition to hickey, you can also earn an allergy.

Even in childhood, we applied plantain, while thoroughly wetting it with saliva. And in some miraculous way, the wounds healed. But we did not know that plantain effectively fights bruises. You just need to apply a fresh and clean sheet several times a day. To avoid green traces, you need to grind the plantain, wrap the resulting slurry in a bandage and bandage the suction site. Do this until the bruise resolves.

How to get rid of hickey with the help of “Badyagi”?

Make a mixture of Badyagi and cream. Any cream will do, but children’s is best. With the resulting mass, rub the hickey 4-5 times a day while keeping it on the skin for 30-40 minutes. The trace of suction will pass after three days.

How to get rid of hickey by other methods?

Didn’t have the necessary funds at hand? It’s OK! You can get rid of hickey and other methods. Try to make an iodine mesh at the site of the bruise. This method is recommended even by doctors.

Visit the solarium, under the influence of ultraviolet light, hickey will match the skin tone. Or, if there is no time for visits to the solarium, then take a self-tanner or corrective pencil. But this will only hide the problem without solving it.

A small piece of ice can also help, which must be applied to the place where the hematoma is. Or put a teaspoon in the freezer for 15 minutes and then apply.

Try a gentle massage to help loosen the hardened blood. Or with a comb, lightly massaging the reddened area for about ten minutes. Instead of a comb, a coin is suitable, but this is a painful method.

Many people believe that by rubbing a hickey with an eraser, it will pass. Try it too.

Getting rid of hickey with the help of modern ointments and creams.

Every home first aid kit should always have an ointment for bruises and bruises. For example: “Bruise-off”, “Troxevasin”, “Rescuer” or heparin ointment. They accelerate the blood, causing its circulation. The thickened particles begin to dissolve quickly. You can try an ointment with a tinting effect. A cream with such an action will cope with your trouble twice as fast.

Vitamin K

Nowadays, there are a huge number of various cosmetic creams on the market. Some of them come with the addition of vitamin K. It has a hemorrhagic effect, which promotes the resorption of blood clots. Creams with the addition of this vitamin are usually used for swelling around the eyes. But, if there is nothing at hand, then you do not have to choose. The cream is perfect for sensitive areas of the skin (décolleté).

Getting rid of hickey with warm compresses

Everyone knows that heat helps improve blood circulation. If on the second day the hematoma has not resolved, then attach a warm towel or heating pad to this place.

Summing up, it should be noted that there are a fairly large number of methods that will help eliminate such a nuisance as hickey. But it is better, in general, not to allow such marks on your body. Rather, look for ways to get rid of them or make them invisible. Try to contain your passion. Remember that the treatment of hickeys is troublesome and long. But, if this has already happened, then do not despair. In our time, you will find a tool that suits you, which will eliminate such a misunderstanding in a short period of time.

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