How to get rid of intrusive thoughts yourself

Almost everyone knows what obsessive thoughts syndrome is. Only to some they come and go, while others suffer and cannot get rid of these evil demons for almost their entire conscious life. Obsessions are thoughts, ideas or desires that, regardless of the person, scroll through the mind thousands of times, no matter how he tries to drive them away.

There is a feeling that someone else is sitting in your head and whispering something, or some kind of second “I” is turned on, which is annoyingly trying to distract a person from normal everyday thoughts or making some important decisions. What are these thoughts – a mental disorder or just a bad habit? Let’s try to figure it out together.

Nature of occurrence

Intrusive thoughts are small and harmless. Which of you has not had to hum a song all day long, heard in transport or at home in the morning on the radio, you don’t seem to like it, but it’s stuck in your head and you can’t drive it out of there. Or you go to the exam, repeat important points from the tickets several times, then they pop up in your memory, sometimes reminding you of yourself. Usually such temporary attachments gradually disappear from your head.

Worse, if the thoughts are painful, sad, grown out of your experiences and fears, then they do not allow you to exist in peace and exhaust your soul to exhaustion. You are familiar with their disappointing examples:

  • How am I going to live without this person?;
  • I am to blame for everything that happened;
  • nothing good awaits me anymore;
  • how to live with this illness further;
  • everything good has already been, it remains to wait for the end;
  • how sorry for everyone around, how to help them;
  • When will these problems finally end?
  • why did I do this, because it could have been done differently, etc.

The reason for the appearance of such thoughts and their transformation into constants is the overload of the human brain. Life in a state of eternal stress, emergency, when you have to solve a million accumulated problems, and the brain can not cope, all this leads to a failure of the human psyche, irrationality takes precedence over logic, and you can no longer control yourself.

Insomnia sets in immediately. Having buried his head in the pillow, the person continues to scroll through the endless carousel of his thoughts and cannot stop it. Getting up in the morning, rushing to work, repeats exactly what you need to remember to do today, and reads this list in your mind many times. Even worse is the replaying of difficult or unpleasant events in the memory and the endless blaming of oneself for what happened.

Ways of distraction

How to get rid of this once and for all? Don’t think it’s easy and simple. The whole problem is that persuasion of oneself and logical conclusions are indispensable here, because obsessive thoughts are an area that does not lend itself to rational thinking. No arguments in a conversation with oneself will work here.

For many years, scientists and psychotherapists have been trying to fight this disease through a chemical effect on our body. But the use of drugs only temporarily dulls these unpleasant conditions, the problem is not entirely and not only in chemistry. The human subconscious is a mystery for all ages. Your obsessive thoughts do not need to be fought, it is important to try them. ignore, ignoreshow them as much indifference as you can.

Try switching to something else. It can be either good thoughts about some pleasant moments from your life, dreams of beauty, or any physical activity. That is, it is important to occupy the brain with something completely different and necessarily positive, let it be meditation, prayer, just flying in the clouds. Why do believers sometimes seem too calm? Their prayers, like meditations, calm the brain, distract and cleanse it from everyday fuss. If you are an unbeliever, just relax and be carried away by your thoughts into some blue distance.

A good way is to physically occupy your body, this is also very distracting. Playing sports, dancing, even ordinary housework, especially if you are doing it for someone, will take your thoughts away from the absurdity that you are trying to fight. Surprise your family with a new recipe for pies, if you are a hostess, nail a carnation and hang a photo of your wife on it if you are a man. Bringing joy to others, you yourself heal your soul, and when a person is happy, these notorious enemies, repetitive thoughts, disappear on their own.

Compare your intrusive thoughts to the spam you try to disable on your computer or TV commercials. When it comes, you quickly grab the remote and simply change channels. Simulate such a remote control in your head. Some annoying thought has become attached, press the button and it’s gone! You are in another dimension. An interesting book can become such a button – you open it, read it, and you are already far from problems, the brain is busy with another task.

Positive emotions

It is very important to cultivate a positive outlook on things. Any of us are faced with very difficult and unpleasant situations in life, which range from ordinary blunder to extraordinary grief. Suffering finally kills the human psyche. It is difficult, very difficult, to remain optimistic no matter what. But otherwise, one cannot survive and remain a sane being.

Remove even negative words from your thoughts – NO, NO, NEVER. Instead, use – YES, MANDATORY, ALWAYS. Replace some phrases like this:

  • I won’t hurt anymore. – I’m perfectly healthy.
  • I don’t worry at all anymore. – I’m in a great mood.
  • Life isn’t that bad. Life is amazing and beautiful.

The positive is so deposited in the subconscious that you, imperceptibly for yourself, will stop whining for any reason and begin to see the positive aspects in everything. You will begin to understand: what has already happened is a given, you don’t need to think about why, why, how it could happen. Accept everything as it is and move on, in accordance with the prevailing scenario.

Every person in life has moments when he was incredibly happy, his soul soared and sang – first love, the birth of a child, an exciting trip, great success in work or in a favorite pastime. Remember these events, and the body along the paths of memory will return to that unusually beautiful state, and annoying annoying thoughts will evaporate, as if they never existed.

Summing up

Let your experience of overcoming obsessive thoughts and depressive states become one of the stages of understanding yourself. Take it lightly, because the human mind is very complex and multifaceted, and not always, wandering in the back streets of your sophisticated fantasies, you manage to understand yourself. You are constantly fighting with your own thoughts, …

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