How to get rid of prosyanka on the face

Want to enjoy looking in the mirror? And do not want to be embarrassed by meeting someone? Want to get rid of those terribly annoying dots? Then you should work on yourself. Make time for yourself and your face.

First of all, you should visit a cosmetologist who can help you with the help of medications. It is often difficult to find time to visit this doctor. Therefore, there are many ways to clean your face at home, at any time and without spending a lot of money.

As noted above, the ways to get rid of millet are different: medical, pharmacy, folk remedies.

Causes of these “troubles”

  • First, it is a blockage of the sebaceous glands of the skin. The skin is lubricated by a substance (sebum) secreted by the sebaceous glands. And when there is a blockage of these glands, it contributes to the appearance of white spots;
  • Secondly, medications and sex hormones. Some drugs can change the metabolism, which causes a decrease in the local protective properties of the skin and a change in the secretion of the sebaceous glands. In the same way, sex hormones can act on the secretion of the sebaceous glands;
  • Thirdly, the use of a large amount of sugar in a pure and hidden form (sweets, muffins, cookies, sweet carbonated drinks, etc.);
  • Fourth, stress increases the levels of certain hormones and adrenaline, which, in turn, cause increased sebum secretion and, consequently, clogged pores. Stress also weakens the body’s ability to resist infections. Neutralize the effects of stress with daily outdoor exercise – an effective and reliable way to control the level of stress hormones in our body;
  • Fifth, contaminated skin. The skin, contaminated with the secrets of the sweat and sebaceous glands, becomes fertile ground for the reproduction of all kinds of bacteria that contribute to the development of inflammation and the formation of acne. Cleansing the skin every 4 to 6 hours prevents the growth of bacteria. Using lukewarm water, lather gently and thoroughly for 1 minute. Rinse off the soap with cool water. Repeat the procedure one more time;
  • Sixth, cigarettes, caffeine, sugar, salt, fats. As well as excessive calories, alcoholic beverages. All this increases the hormonal level and contributes to the appearance of acne. Also, sometimes the cause of acne may be chlorinated water. Try bottled water for two weeks and see if that was the reason. If cosmetics are not suitable for your skin type, or are of poor quality, then this can also cause the appearance of millet.


You should not forget that they are not formed within one day, so treatment procedures may not lead to immediate improvement.

Basic principles of treatment:

  1. Eliminate the cause that caused the appearance of acne.
  2. Follow these additional tips:
  • Sunlight helps in getting rid of millet by increasing the level of keratin and preventing blockage of the skin glands. Sunbath until your skin turns slightly red. Do not abuse sunlight, so as not to get burned.
  • Lotions compresses. Goldenrod tea, compresses of diluted lemon juice or aloe can be applied to the affected tissues.
  • Garlic. Many people benefit from two cloves of garlic daily with meals, as well as meadow clover tea and evening primrose oil.
  • Ice has an anti-inflammatory effect. Take an ice cube and gently massage your face with it for three minutes. This procedure can stop the inflammatory process.

Preparation for facial cleansing

Carry out the honey procedure first. Honey cleanses the skin well, giving the skin a healthy look. Take honey with your fingers, and apply to problem areas of the face, and massage these places with gentle, light movements. Then moisten your fingers and repeat this procedure again, only with more pressing movements. After the procedure is over, rinse everything well.

Before you start cleaning your face, you need to steam the skin. To do this, brew chamomile, sage, calendula and valerian, all ingredients should be 2 tablespoons each, boil for 20 minutes. Strain the resulting workpiece, tilt your face over the steam contained in the plants. When finished, pat your face dry. Use the same herb after the end of the procedure as an anti-inflammatory effect.

Also use hot and cold local baths or compresses. To do this, you need to prepare two basins of water, one basin with hot water, about 40 degrees, and the other with cold water, from about 7 to 21 degrees. Put them in a comfortable position for you, so that you can comfortably accept this procedure. First, soak a terry towel in hot water, and put the towel on your face for 2-3 minutes, then dip the already prepared towel in a bowl of cold water, wring it out well and apply for 20-50 seconds. Increase the temperature in the bowl of hot water until you reach 40 degrees. Make 4 – 6 changes and finish the procedure with a cold lotion. Dry your face thoroughly.

Facial cleansing procedure

Now you can safely proceed to the very procedure of cleaning the face. Remember this is an unpleasant procedure, and painful, be prepared for this. First you need to disinfect everything, treat your hands with alcohol, the needle that you need to pierce the eel. Wrap your fingers with a napkin, then ignite the head of the eel, and gently squeeze out, you can squeeze out not to the end, so that the rest of the process comes naturally. Then wipe the treated area with alcohol. If it starts to bleed, then anoint with iodine.

Remember that it is best, of course, to contact a cosmetologist with this question, so that in the future there will be no scars and scars.

Mask and scrub at home

Salt and soda are a wonderful scrub. Mix these ingredients in a 1:1 ratio, add a little water, then apply to your face and massage into the skin, but do not press until it hurts. Remember the skin of the face is the most delicate, and requires gentle treatment.

The use of a paraffin mask helps prevent the appearance of millet. Paraffin is available to everyone and is available in every pharmacy. As a result of using this mask, you will get freshness of the face, fine wrinkles are smoothed out, acne disappears.

Preparing a paraffin mask is very easy. It is necessary to prepare two saucepans, one larger, the other smaller. Pour a large saucepan with water, and put in a small one …

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