How to get rid of scars

Almost every one of us has been injured, leaving scars. And many of us have been looking for ways to get rid of scars. It is no secret that they cause a lot of inconvenience, spoiling the appearance of a person. And everyone, whether a woman or a man, wants to remove scars.

There are many ways to get rid of scars. Today we will discuss the most famous, effective and commonly used methods, and we will talk about postoperative scars.

  1. Scar masking. One way to cover up a scar is by tattooing it. This method is not for everyone and not always, since the scars can be located in different places, and the tattoo will not look aesthetically pleasing and not serious. The second negative point of this method is that even more damage to the skin can be achieved by applying a tattoo, which can lead to unexpected unpleasant consequences. Thus, we conclude that it is not advisable to hide postoperative scars under a tattoo.
  2. If the scar is small and rather “young”, you can use external products specially made for this purpose. These are usually gels, creams, ointments. The most famous are “Dermatix-gel” and “Controctubex”. But this method also has its minus – the result is not always here, it depends on the characteristics of the skin of the one who uses it.
  3. The most reliable and proven way to remove postoperative scars is to contact a specialist cosmetologist or plastic surgeon. They will advise on treatment. The first thing they can offer is the introduction of subcutaneous drugs for special purposes, which will gradually smooth it out. But this method does not always work. This is a purely individual question. Secondly, this is the most common and widely used scar removal procedure of our time – laser skin resurfacing. This method has its pros and cons, like any other. The positive side of laser skin resurfacing is that even with old thick and rough scars there will be an effect. Laser resurfacing completely removes the scar, but masks it. Among other things, with the help of a laser, you can completely remove the scar, and not just create a mask for it. Well, the downside is the material part of the issue. This is a very expensive procedure, and services for its implementation are not available in all clinics.
  4. Another method is traditional medicine. There are a great many means of folk “production” for getting rid of scars, you won’t be able to talk about their effectiveness with certainty. Need to check for yourself. From now on, bodyaga is the most effective means. Bodyagi powder is taken, diluted in water to the state of gruel and applied to the scar, rubbing gently. There will be slight tingling and tingling. The place of the scar is not washed for about five days. Repeat the procedure three to five times. The essence of this method is that the desquamation of the upper layer of the skin occurs, and the scar becomes lighter due to this.

Scars are an unpleasant business, but everyone can choose a method individually based on their preferences and capabilities.

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