How to get rid of stretch marks on chest

Stretch marks on the chest are a fairly common problem that causes a lot of discomfort to many women. In order to understand how to deal with them, you need to immediately find out the cause of the appearance.

Causes of stretch marks on the chest

  • Pregnancy. This is the most common cause of stretch marks on the chest. During pregnancy, a woman can gain up to 20 kg of excess weight, the fatty layer of the skin increases. Often this happens too quickly, and the elastin and collagen fibers that make up the thin and delicate skin of the breast are torn. Connective tissue scars form on the outer layer of the skin, which is very difficult to get rid of.
  • Rapid puberty. During adolescence, breasts can grow very quickly. If a girl has a predisposition to the formation of stretch marks and stretch marks, then small scars can form already at the age of 14-15 years.
  • Hormonal disorders in the body. Some chronic diseases and hormonal imbalances often lead to rapid weight gain. Breast size also becomes larger, and as a result, stretch marks may appear.

What do stretch marks look like?

The first couple of weeks after the appearance of stretch marks are very noticeable – they can be burgundy, pink or even purple. As the scars are covered with connective tissue, stretch marks become less noticeable. After a couple of months, they turn pale, and eventually become almost white, like ordinary scars.

Ways to deal with stretch marks on the chest

The fight against this unpleasant phenomenon should be started immediately after the first signs of a rupture of the outer layer of the thin skin of the chest were noticed. It will be almost impossible to remove old white stretch marks later.

  • Seaweed wraps. Before starting the procedure, the skin must be well steamed. It is better to do wraps immediately after a shower. Spirulina wraps, which can be bought at any pharmacy, are considered the most effective. Algae is crushed and diluted with warm water until a mushy mass is formed. Then they are applied to the chest, wrapped with a film, and for additional insulation they are wrapped with a shawl or towel. The wrapping time is from 30 to 60 minutes, and the algae act most actively while maintaining the thermal effect. To get rid of fresh stretch marks, it is enough to do this procedure only 10-12 times.
  • Contrasting compresses. The procedure will require two basins – in one there will be hot water with the addition of a teaspoon of salt, and in the other it will cool down, at room temperature, with a teaspoon of lemon juice. A thick terry towel is first moistened in warm water, and then the chest is rubbed with it. Then repeat these steps by soaking a towel in a bowl of cool water. It is necessary to repeat these steps 6-7 times, and then apply a nourishing cream to the skin. It is better to use products containing mint, ginseng or hops.
  • Vitamin lotion. It is not difficult to prepare such a “cocktail” – you need 10 drops of liquid vitamin E, 5-6 drops of vitamin A and 150 ml of olive oil. The juice of life-giving aloe is added to this mixture and washed into the skin of the chest twice a day. Keep the mixture in a dark, cool place.

There are many creams and lotions available in pharmacies to combat stretch marks, but all of them are effective only for fresh scars. Therefore, it is better to combine their use with traditional medicine, and in this case the result will not be long in coming.

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