How to get rid of stretch marks

The possibility of stretch marks – scary reddish and white stripes on the stomach, thighs, chest – causes fear in any woman. The presence of even the smallest stretch marks causes a lot of inconvenience and grief, causes a feeling of discomfort (despite the fact that they do not cause pain). And, accordingly, makes a woman insecure.

The main causes of stretch marks are:

  1. hormonal changes;
  2. change in body weight (both in one direction and in the other direction);
  3. genetic predisposition.

Most often, stretch marks appear in women during and after pregnancy.

Of course, the appearance of stretch marks does not pose a danger to a woman’s health, but there is little consolation in this …

How to get rid of stretch marks? There is no single answer to this question. Consider some ways to get rid of stretch marks in the first place at home, as well as in specialized salons.

Proper nutrition

The condition of human skin directly depends on the quality of nutrition. Seafood, fruits, vegetables, herbs, nuts should be in the diet of any health-conscious person. Therefore, without observing this condition, it is very difficult to cope with the problem of stretch marks. It is recommended to drink a large amount of fluid per day, as its lack contributes to a decrease in skin elasticity. In addition, you can use moisturizers, which contain collagen and extracts of various medicinal plants.

Use of oils

Essential oils have been used for cosmetic purposes since ancient times, they have a positive effect on the skin. To get rid of stretch marks, you can use olive, linseed, almond oils, wheat germ oil with vitamin E. Various aromatic oils are also recommended, for example: lemon, orange, rosehip seed oil, rosewood, neroli, rosemary. Add a few drops of oils / la (one or more), vitamin E in oil form and vegetable (or olive) oil. Rub the resulting mixture into the skin in places where stretch marks appear.

Massage and wraps

As a result of a good massage, blood circulation and metabolism increase, which can have an effect in the fight against stretch marks. Of course, it is best if the massage is done by a professional, but you can get by with the usual one at home.

After the end of the massage procedure, it will be ideal to apply the oils mentioned earlier to the skin, as well as make a wrap. To do this, you can take any towel (or sheet), wrap yourself in it and lie down for a while. Instead of oils, special cosmetics with various regenerating components (collagen, lanolin, elastin, etc.) are also used. The wrapping procedure can also be done in a specialized salon. Here, therapeutic mud, algae and gels are most often used.

A trip to the beauty salon (doctor’s office)

Nowadays, methods of mesotherapy, microdembrazia, and ultrasonic correction are widely used to remove stretch marks. In some cases, you have to resort to plastic surgery. As a result of surgical intervention, stretch marks are removed along with fatty deposits. Such a method, of course, will save a woman from the hated stripes on her body, but cannot prevent their reappearance.

In conclusion, it must be said that any woman has the right to choose the way to get rid of stretch marks herself, however, proper nutrition, massage procedures and the use of essential oils have not bothered anyone yet …

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