How to get rid of the smell of sweat

As you know, the purpose of the sweat glands is to release moisture to maintain normal body temperature. Saving us from overheating, sweat has the ability to remove harmful substances.

Since microbes and bacteria are found in areas of the human body such as the armpits, feet, palms, and others, when combined with sweat, they can give off an unpleasant odor. Both strong drinks, heat, cigarettes, spicy food, and cooling drinks, Coca-Cola, tea and coffee contribute to increased sweating.

It is not protective equipment that is the main weapon with an unpleasant odor, but maintaining personal hygiene. Most often, bacteria tend to multiply in places where hair grows. Such places need to be shaved regularly, it is better to do this in the evening, so that the surface of the skin has time to heal overnight.

It is natural to take a shower twice a day in the summer, and at least once a day in the winter.

In order to sweat less in the summer, you need to give up hot drinks, try to be less nervous, and use products that are suitable for you to help get rid of the unpleasant smell of sweat.

To keep a fresh face, a swab dipped in raw milk, which should be wiped over the face twice a day, will help. It is useful to use cold tea for washing, without wiping the face dry. If you get used to wiping your face with cucumber or tomato before going to bed, then after a while you will notice how your skin has become fresher and more attractive.

Today, there are a number of tools that are designed to rid a person of the smell of sweat. But not all of them work the same way, and not all are safe and beneficial. The effectiveness of antiperspirants is well known, but it is not recommended to use them constantly, as they clog the sweat glands, which is not very good for the body.

Sprays are expensive and not always suitable for people prone to allergic reactions, although they are quite effective in combating unpleasant odors.

When traveling, it is convenient to use sticks, but often this leads to dryness and irritation of the skin. Perfumed deodorants are more likely to be considered a decorative tool.

The best protection for today are herbal deodorants that do not contain harmful aluminum salts and alcohol, which dries the skin. Such deodorants allow the skin to breathe without blocking the ducts of the sweat glands. As a rule, they are safe, and do not have their own smell, allowing a person to use perfume.

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