How to get rid of wen

Wen is one of the skin sores. This is a benign tumor that does not carry anything dangerous. It appears almost everywhere where fat accumulates. The only drawback associated with a wen (lipoma) is an unpleasant appearance. It does not cause other ailments.

It also has the ability to grow in size. Although it is believed that the wen is harmless, there is still a small chance of mutation. If the old internal wen is encapsulated, it becomes food for the formation of pathogenic microflora. I also do not advise you to press or pierce the wen, as this can cause infection and significant growth of the lipoma.

Reasons for the appearance of wen

The reasons for the appearance of wen may be modern food. Nowadays, food contains many chemical additives that disrupt the standard cleansing of the body, thereby causing the appearance of lipoma. In addition, the wrong daily routine, a minimum of movement and irregular nutrition contribute to a decrease in gastrointestinal motility. In this regard, he does not have time to remove decay products from the body. And these products are absorbed throughout the body and deposited in the subcutaneous, sebaceous glands.

Ways to get rid of wen

You can get rid of lipoma yourself at home. If a small wen will help folk remedies aimed at accelerating blood circulation around a fatty tumor. You can use these methods:

  • Mix thoroughly crushed garlic slurry with a couple of drops of sunflower oil, and apply to the inflamed area, rubbing in every day until completely relieved.
  • Apply masks from films of raw chicken eggs. It is necessary to keep such masks until redness and swelling appear on the affected area. You can repeat the procedure only after the complete removal of edema.
  • If a wen is in a place free from hair, you can drop a drop of celandine juice. This is a poison and it will help break through the skin and open the lipoma. Now you can remove it with: Vishnevsky’s ointment, baked onion, Freshly picked aloe leaf or plantain leaf turned into porridge.
  • In order for your body to more actively resist infection, take up to one and a half tablespoons of cinnamon per day with food.

BUT if you are faced with a rather impressive size of a wen, traditional medicine will be powerless. You will have to turn to surgeons or experienced lipoma removal specialists. There are also several types of surgery:

  • You can resort to the method of injecting a special solution, which leads to the complete resorption of the tumor accumulation. It is good in that it does not leave any scars behind, but it is bad in that it helps with formation not exceeding two centimeters.
  • The second type is the operation to surgically remove the wen. It is used for formations from three centimeters and is carried out under anesthesia. But after such an operation, a scar remains.
  • The most optimal method of removal is laser therapy. It is carried out with the help of local anesthesia. There are no visible marks left on the skin.

Be extremely careful and do not squeeze out the wen, in order to avoid complications.

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