How to grow long hair

There are several ways to grow long chic hair. Let’s dwell on them in more detail and consider them.

Hair care with cosmetics

The first and most common way is hair care with the help of professional cosmetics. Experts in this field advise using a special lotion for hair growth, applying masks, balms – conditioners, as well as special shampoos that accelerate hair growth. To grow long hair without much effort, you can also take various vitamin and mineral complexes that are suitable for your body. In particular, hair treatment with group B ampoule preparations is common.

Hair treatment at the cosmetologist

Long hair will help you grow a specialist in the field of cosmetology. Physiotherapy is considered very useful for hair growth. They stimulate hair growth and improve blood circulation. In addition, cosmetologists advise trying ozone and mesotherapy, which saturate the scalp with various useful substances. Head and neck massage is also useful, which also affects blood flow, and, accordingly, hair growth. This massage should be done for about 10-15 minutes a day.

Hair care folk remedies

Folk hair care methods very often have an effective effect on hair growth. So among women, a mustard hair mask is very common, which includes mustard powder, burdock oil, honey, aloe juice, egg yolk. This mask strengthens the hair, nourishes the hair roots, makes the hair longer. Another useful mask is an onion gruel mask, which must be rubbed into the hair roots and washed off after 40 minutes. A yeast and pepper mask is also popular among women, which should be on the hair for at least 20 minutes after application.

Separately, it is recommended to apply burdock oil to the hair, which effectively nourishes the roots. And also after washing your hair, rinse your hair with infusions of herbs (chamomile, sage, nettle and others). In addition, rubbing radish juice into the scalp is effective.

Folk remedies are best used in the system. From a one-time use of such funds, you will not feel the effect.

Nutrition as a way to grow hair

An important role for hair growth is played by proper nutrition of a woman. Scientists have long noticed that the right diet has a huge impact on the process of hair growth. The basis of proper nutrition is protein, since half of the hair consists of a protein substance – keratin. Protein is found in meat, fish, cereals, milk, eggs. Therefore, these products should be a must in a woman’s diet!

Of great importance for hair growth are also vitamins A and E, contained in fish oil, seafood, liver, butter, dairy products.

Separately, it must be said about the substance biotin, which significantly accelerates hair growth. Biotin is found in oatmeal, soybeans, walnuts, legumes, and brewer’s yeast.

Be sure to take in food vitamins such as magnesium, zinc, iron, chromium, copper, iodine, which help strengthen hair. It is advisable to contact a specialist to advise you on which vitamins your body needs.

Aromatherapy as a hair growth aid

Aromatherapy is a very useful and effective means of maintaining healthy hair, increasing hair length. About 35 aromatic oils can be used to treat the scalp and hair. Among the essential oils that directly affect hair growth, we can distinguish fragrant basil oil, carrot oil, cypress oil, lavender oil, lemon oil, mint oil, rosemary oil, tea tree oil.

Water is the source of healthy and long hair

Hair growth also has a certain effect on fluid intake by the body. Ordinary table water and mineral water are excellent drinks that have an effect on accelerating hair growth. Experts recommend drinking at least 6-7 glasses of water a day.

Special care during hair growth

When you start growing your hair, pay special attention to its care. Long, but weak, brittle and dry hair looks unaesthetic. Therefore, hair must be properly cared for. Use a nourishing product after every hair wash. Refuse to use “ironing irons”, tongs, a hair dryer, or, if you use them, then only at a gentle temperature. Even ordinary hairpins during the growing period can damage the hair. Better not to use them at this time. And treat the hair with special oil to protect against mechanical damage.

Visit a hairdresser. Hair needs to be trimmed. Try to wash your head only with high-quality and proven products.

The general condition of the body also affects hair growth. Get enough sleep, give your body a rest, relax, go in for sports, lead an active lifestyle, reduce the number of stresses in your life, give up bad habits. And then your health will improve significantly, which means that your hair will be beautiful, silky, healthy and long!

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