How to hide wide shoulders with clothes

In the next fashion guide, we will tell you how to hide wide shoulders with the help of clothes. If you have an inverted triangle body type or have worked hard at the gym, you may have this feature. You definitely don’t need to freak out! Nothing can get in the way of a feminine and sophisticated look.

Visual correction of wide shoulders

According to the rules of figure proportion, the shoulder width should be 1/4 of the height or 21.8% of the body length. Actually wide, that is, large for stylists, it is customary to consider shoulders with a length of 14.5 cm or more. Of course, this is a conditional figure. Focus on the individual proportionality of the body. If you notice a disproportion – it does not matter. After all, wide shoulders can always be cleverly hidden with the help of clothes and accessories. So, a few tricks will help to balance the visual component:

  • good decorations;
  • correct cut;
  • print and color accents;
  • hairstyle with flowing hair;
  • cut of clothes.

Below we will tell (and show) more about each method, and you will choose the one that suits you.

What clothes to wear to hide wide shoulders

A cute outfit is your assistant from the interview to the meeting with the future mother-in-law. To correct the shoulder area, it is important to “draw” the verticals, or to achieve a shift in emphasis in the image. See how you need to competently embody the ideas of stylists in real life.

Neckline and sleeves. The narrower the neckline, the smaller the shoulders. Everything is simple. U- and V-shaped cutouts remain ideal, which will form the very vertical. An interesting summer solution will be dresses and blouses with thin straps: they can be wrapped around the neck, thereby creating something like a choker. Do not forget about the trump card – the neckline. It will 100% grab attention. As for the sleeves, it is better to buy outfits with long sleeves like a bell, or classic straight.

Prints, colors and finishes. This is what will create the accent of the bow. If everything is clear with the print – a vertical strip. Moreover, puffy – wide lines, and miniature – thin. Then experiment with colors. We advise you to choose a neutral top, and on the contrary, make the bottom dark or colorful. Add a brightly embroidered skirt to a light-colored T-shirt and the imbalance is eliminated.

Asymmetry. Dresses and tops “on one shoulder” perfectly narrow the shoulder area. Do you want originality? Choose a one-shoulder top and pair it with flared jeans or culottes.

Inserts and fit. Triangular inserts on the chest (sharp angle up) and an in-line sleeve are ideal if you do not want to add volume to the shoulders. Dark inserts on the shoulders will also model the “correct” top. Puffy skirts and trapeze dresses should settle in the closet.

Length and shape. You should not wear too tight clothes and medium length. In this case, the waist line should not be overstated. Take a closer look at the elongated styles of shirts and t-shirts. Also, layering will help you. For example, a vest or a cardigan. Choose dresses where the bottom is decorated with an ornament or a large pleat. The hourglass or tulip style will look good.

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The easiest way (which comes to mind instantly) is elongated jewelry. Verticals in the image will noticeably emphasize growth and slightly stretch your silhouette upwards.

By the way, don’t forget the earrings. Fashionable cuffs or still relevant massive jewelry will divert attention from the problem area. The gaze of the interlocutor will fall on a beautiful accessory on the ears, and large shoulders will fall out of sight.

Buttons in one row and a zipper in the center are from a series of verticals. There we will add beads in several layers.

By the way, a silk scarf with long ends – “skinny” – or a tie will be a good solution. And in winter, choose snood. This piece of clothing will simply disguise the “uncomfortable” part of the body.

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Strictly prohibited

After all, in truth, clothes adorn a person, and not vice versa. If you have broad shoulders, we do not recommend wearing the following items and combinations. Here is the list.

  • Lantern sleeves are unfortunate in that they just riveted their eyes to the problem. There are also voluminous ruffles and all kinds of decorations at this place.

  • The absolute trend of the summer – T-shirts with shoulder pads – we brush aside immediately for the above reason.
  • A boat neckline or a jacket with dropped sleeves will not cope with the problem.

  • Halter tops are incredibly comfortable. But still they will not suit girls with broad shoulders, as they will increase them in size.
  • We say goodbye to vests, as horizontal stripes are contraindicated. By the way, large drawings and prints on clothes are not welcome, especially in the chest area. This detail is able to increase the silhouette.

  • Jackets and boleros just below the chest, unfortunately, will also have to be given to a friend.
  • Hoodies will make the figure look like a square. Absolutely not.
  • Shirts with turn-down collars.
  • Turtlenecks can only be worn paired with any outerwear.

By the way, a lot of ways are confusing. In pursuit of quality, we overdo it and “mangle” the result. Do not combine several tips from our article at once. Otherwise, you can focus even more on what you tried so hard to hide.

Save to your photo stream our selection of tips on how to hide wide shoulders with clothes. Don’t be afraid to make mistakes. Only by experience will you learn to feel great in any situation.

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