How to improve complexion

Sometimes even cosmetics cannot hide an unhealthy complexion, and if it works out, then not for long. And therefore, it is necessary to deal with the most important internal problem, since for a woman healthy facial skin is the main factor of beauty and indicates her healthy body. The reason for the unattractiveness of the skin can be quite a few factors: improper or insufficient care for it, unhealthy diet, bad habits, poor performance of the gastrointestinal tract.

Several options for improving the condition of the skin of the face

  • Daily care.

It is necessary to learn to cleanse the skin daily, in the morning and in the evening. Even if decorative cosmetics were not used, because wherever you are, dust particles and other impurities cannot be avoided for the whole day. You can clean it with a regular wash with soap, and wiping with a tonic or lotion. A couple of times a week, it is advisable to do a deep cleansing with a scrub.

If the make-up uses foundation, powder or concealer, then in no case do not go to bed without first washing everything off, as this puts the skin under stress. Hair can also contribute to skin contamination, they quickly absorb dirt, and therefore it is undesirable for them to come into contact with the face.

At a young age, defects and unnatural skin color are not so noticeable, but this should not be neglected. Skin needs constant care at any age so that there are no problems in the future. After each washing or cleansing, the skin needs to be nourished and moisturized.

But everything should be in moderation. Do not overdo it with excessive facial care. For example, apply a lot of moisturizer to hydrate the skin well or use a scrub often, which in the end can damage it on the contrary. She is sensitive and requires a reverent attitude towards herself.

  • Masks.

Facial skin care involves the use of various masks. These masks can be bought in the store or prepared at home from the fresh products available. Apply once a week.

  • Healthy food.

Many do not pay attention to healthy nutrition. And this is not correct, since the use of junk food is very reflected in the body, and as a result, on the skin. To improve complexion and bowel function, separate nutrition will help, in which foods that are incompatible with each other are not consumed at one meal. Such a table can be found on the Internet to help.

The diet should include food with the necessary beneficial vitamins for the skin. These are fish containing fats and oils, lean boiled beef, chicken, seafood, raw or boiled eggs, cottage cheese, which contain a lot of protein that is good for the skin. Vitamins A (pork and beef liver, eggs, dairy products, vegetables) and E (nuts, oatmeal, cereal, corn and green peas) that nourish and moisturize the skin.

You need to give up unhealthy foods: canned food, carbonated sweet water, mayonnaise, sausages, margarine, hot spices, fried foods and chips. Try to avoid salt and sugar. It will be possible to get used to non-salty food in a week, and sugar should be replaced with honey. And if you really want something sweet, then you can eat some dark chocolate.

  • Water.

Clean water is the most important element in human life. It contributes to the full-fledged work of the whole organism, vivacity and, accordingly, the beauty of appearance.

To improve skin color, you need to consume an average of 1.5-2 liters of water per day, thereby the skin will be regularly moisturized, receiving nourishment from the inside.

  • Fresh air.

For the skin of the face and the overall health of the body, fresh air is necessary. The air energizes, invigorates and promotes well-being. This is especially true for those who spend most of their time indoors, since at this time the body does not absorb useful oxygen and many harmful substances, such as fumes from various varnishes, paints and other toxic substances, settle on the skin of the face. This results in a dull and gray complexion.

It has been researched that after a long walk in the fresh air, the skin of the face acquires a healthy and radiant appearance, a healthy glow appears and the skin color becomes a beautiful color. Therefore, it should be concluded from this that in order to improve well-being and a healthy appearance of the face, it is necessary to take a walk on the street at every opportunity.

  • Movement.

Movement is very important for good looking skin and will help keep it toned. Do not think that movement affects only the body, it is not. Movement normalizes metabolism and cleanses the body accordingly. After all, everything that is bad inside the body affects externally, namely on the skin.

Therefore, do not neglect physical activity. If it is not possible to visit a fitness club, you can work out at home. And be sure to spend more time on the move.

  • Relaxation.

In addition to movement, the body also needs proper rest. Since the restoration and renewal of skin cells occurs during sleep. Not a rash will affect the condition of the skin in the future, so sleep should be given at least seven to eight hours, and go to bed no later than 10 pm.

  • Bad habits.

Bad habits such as smoking, alcohol and even excessive coffee consumption contribute to the deterioration of the skin condition. It is worth considering that this only brings harm to the body, appearance and psyche.

If you want to quit smoking, you can read special books. And the use of alcohol and coffee should be gradually reduced to a minimum.

  • Stress.

Stress and increased nervousness greatly affects the condition of the skin. Of course, in difficult life situations it is not always possible to restrain your emotions, but you still need to understand that increased temper only exacerbates the problem. You need to calmly and soberly perceive everything negative, this will help not only in solving any problems, but also contribute to the health of the skin of the face and the whole body. It is worth controlling your emotions!

  • Good mood.

Well, the most important way to improve facial skin is a smile and a good mood. When the soul is joyful, this one can be seen not only in happy eyes, but also in the radiance of the skin. The woman is cheerful, she likes herself, not noticing any shortcomings. This is very important for any person emotionally. If he is satisfied and loves himself, he is admired by others.

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