How to increase hair volume

Oh those girls! If she has straight hair, then she certainly dreams of curly hair, give smooth curls to curls. Blondes become brunettes, dark-haired ones use lightening paint. Many girls are unhappy with the structure and condition of their hair. Volumeless curls often become a serious problem. However, today the beauty industry offers a large number of solutions for girls with thin hair. The easiest and fastest way to make your hair much more magnificent is extension.

hair extension procedure

Hair extensions can increase not only the volume but also the length of the hair by attaching natural component materials to your strands. Modern extension technologies are diverse. The Italian method involves fixing strands sealed with a keratin capsule with a special electric apparatus. In English technology, hair extensions are made using wax and a glue gun. The Japanese strands are fastened with a special hook and metal beads. The choice of method depends only on your preferences and the budget that you plan to spend.

Who is not suitable for hair extensions?

Strands made of natural material guarantee a beautiful voluminous hairstyle, but there are several restrictions for hair extensions. This procedure is contraindicated for those who are taking strong antibiotics or have a serious scalp disease. In addition, this is a rather expensive pleasure, after which the hair requires special care. They should be washed exclusively in an upright position with shampoo diluted with water. You can’t sleep with wet hair, you need to comb it with a special brush. It is not recommended to do hair coloring at home, it is better to forget about visiting the bath and sauna. In a word, hair after the extension procedure is beautiful, but not always convenient. In addition, naturalness has long been in vogue. Adding volume to thin hair is possible not only with the help of additional strands.

Salon treatments for hair devoid of volume

Suitable for those who are not ready to radically change and attach treated with a special composition, but still someone else’s hair. Modern beauty salons offer a wide range of services to strengthen thin curls and give extra splendor. Volume injections or, in other words, filling the hair with special molecules that expand in water are widespread. Biolamination procedures, mesotherapy, as well as various vitamin and firming masks are also very popular. Naturally, such methods will not radically change your hair, but they will help fill your hair with vitality and beauty. Experienced specialists in the style industry will not only select the optimal procedure, but also recommend hair cosmetics, taking into account their structure and condition. However, do not forget about folk recipes that will help take care of your hair, as well as maintain the effect of salon procedures.

Splendor at home

You can improve the condition of your hair and achieve additional volume without leaving your own apartment. Home beauty recipes are also distinguished by a variety of options. Burdock oil is still considered a traditional remedy for hair restoration. It is used as follows: one part is rubbed into the hair roots after washing, the remaining two parts are distributed along the length. After that, a shower cap is put on the head, over which a towel is wrapped. Such a mask is aged for at least two hours and is done in a course of four to five times with a break of two weeks. Burdock oil affects the metabolism in the skin, improves blood circulation and, as a result, promotes hair growth and an increase in their volume. Mint, basil and sage leaves infused in apple cider vinegar and lavender oil also have a good effect for thin hair. Aged for two weeks, the mixture is rubbed into the scalp overnight and washed off in the morning.

Healthy body – healthy hair

Do not forget about proper nutrition, which has a beneficial effect on health. In turn, metabolic processes improve, and hence the condition of hair and skin. Add fish, cereals, nuts, vegetables, fruits to your diet. Vitamins A, B, E and C affect the thickness and growth of hair. Very often, poor hair condition is associated with a lack of calcium. Ready-made vitamin complexes can be purchased at a pharmacy. But it is worth remembering that an overabundance of vitamins can have the opposite effect. Therefore, before leaning on vitamin supplements, you should consult with a specialist.

Visual effects of voluminous hair

Do not forget that the right haircut and color scheme will help to visually increase the volume of hair. For owners of thin curls, medium-length haircuts with “torn” contours and bangs are perfect, you can also choose one of the options for the so-called “cascade” haircut with graduated, multi-layered strands. Too long hair visually seems less voluminous, and it is better to refuse jet black. Hair coloring using the “highlighting” technology with a combination of two or three shades will help to give the effect of volume and splendor.

Special treatment for fine hair

Do not neglect hair styling. Volume will help to give the correct drying technology and high quality cosmetics. It is necessary to lay curls devoid of volume as follows. Apply to slightly damp hair to add volume. Dry them with your head down. Then, to give extra volume, use a brush-brushing. Raise the hair at the roots at a right angle and direct a stream of air at them. In order for the volume to be preserved for a long time, you can sprinkle the roots with varnish. A beautiful lush hairstyle can also be done with the help of curlers. Slightly damp hair wind on curlers with thin strands, as close to the root as possible. After the hair is dry, remove the curlers, shape the hair with your fingers and fix with varnish.

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