How to increase lips without surgery

Recently, lips have become one of the main objects of attention of cosmetologists and makeup artists. Every second (if not every first) modern woman dreams of plump and eye-catching lips for men. Like Angelina Jolie, for example. It is no coincidence that she has been among the ten sexiest Hollywood actresses for more than one year.

A bit of psychology

Even grandfather Freud at one time could not keep silent about this. He argued that the image of the lips on the face of a woman is identified by men with the appearance of the genital lips and, thus, they conclude about the sexuality, passion of a woman, about her ability to satisfy the most daring male fantasies.

Maybe this is true. Or perhaps the image of plump female lips leads men to intimate thoughts about oral sex. How to know…

In any case, studies have confirmed the fact that lips are the first thing a man stops looking at when looking at a woman’s face. And, apparently, therefore, female lips are the organ that, in terms of the number of plastic surgeries today, can even compete with breasts.

Sad but true

Unfortunately, nature has endowed only very few women with such wealth as plump lips. Should you give up if you are not one of them? Not at all!

And it is not at all necessary for the sake of the desired volumes to go under the scalpel of a plastic surgeon or “pump up” your face with dubious chemical fillers. Our advice will help you increase your lips, avoiding surgery and injections of Botox or hyaluronic acid.

Good mood

A smile is a universal tool that allows a woman to be attractive at any age. And to maintain the tone of the muscles of the face and, in particular, the elasticity of the lips, doctors advise smiling as often and wider as possible, leaving the lips closed and even somewhat compressed. It is useful from time to time to hold the lips in this “pose” for about five seconds, and then pull them forward, as if for a kiss.

By the way, doctors also highly recommend kissing!


Never forget that lips need nourishment. This rule is especially true for owners of dry lips.

Castor and olive oils are ideal for nutrition. You can add a little lemon juice rich in vitamin C to the oil. Lubricate the lips with oil, and after a few minutes blot with a paper towel, removing the remnants that your lips considered unnecessary.


Thinning lips as an age-related change will help to avoid simple exercises. With their help, you will increase blood flow to the face and strengthen the muscles around the mouth:

  1. Pull out your lips, blow as if you are blowing out the candles on the cake (35-40 times).
  2. Inhale deeply and puff out your cheeks. Exhale slowly, alternating air shocks and pauses (10-20 times).
  3. Pronounce vowel sounds clearly and loudly [а], [о], [и], [у]vigorously working with lips (10-15 times).
  4. Press your lips between your teeth, then lift the corners of your lips into a smile, stay in this position for a few seconds, and then relax your facial muscles (10-15 times).
  5. Close your lips tightly, stretching them into a line. Imagine that something is trying to open your mouth and you are resisting (10-15 times).
  6. Lightly press your fingers on the corners of your lips, stretch the corners a little and stay in this position for 5 seconds, then relax your lips (10 times).
  7. Slightly stretch the closed lips forward and slowly move them to the right, briefly freeze in this position, and then to the left and linger again. Then try to draw the number “eight” with your lips: first in one direction, then in the other (10 times).

These exercises should be performed regularly, preferably at least twice a day, and upon reaching the desired effect to keep the lips “in shape” – 2-3 times a week.


Regular application of masks will allow you to achieve an expressive contour and noticeable volume, avoid peeling and dryness of the skin of the lips. You can prepare masks from honey, cream, carrot juice, vegetable oil with the addition of grated fruits and berries (bananas, peaches, cherries).

After removing the remnants of the mask from the lips, they must be moistened with hygienic lipstick or cream.

Contrast shower and massage

This pleasant procedure is also combined with a kind of massage: after dousing the lips with cold water, they need to be bitten along the entire length for 2 minutes. Then – dousing with hot water. And cold again. This procedure should be repeated twice a day – in the morning and in the evening.

Interestingly, this simple way to make lips plump and bright was quite popular during the time of our great-great-and so on grandmothers.

It is also recommended to do a massage in the morning with a soft toothbrush (1-2 minutes), after applying a drop of honey to the lips. After this procedure, it is advisable to lubricate the lips first with a balm, and then with lipstick.


There is a unique technique of Marilyn Monroe for lip augmentation with the help of decorative cosmetics.

First of all, a shade of medium brightness is applied to the lips with a brush. Then a point is made in the center with the darkest shade, which is slightly shaded. And along the contour, a light stroke is made with a less saturated tone.

To achieve this result, you can also mix two lipsticks: light – along the contour, and dark – in the center, shading the transition.

If you have only one shade of lipstick, we advise you to concentrate the color in the middle of the lips, shading it towards the edge so that the contour turns out to be paler.
This will make your lips fuller and sexier. The main thing is that the lipstick should be without strong mother-of-pearl.

The secret of the famous makeup artist Molly Ransal is also known, whose clients are, for example, Jennifer Lopez and Beyoncé. In order to visually increase the volume of the lips, he uses an eyeshadow brush along the lip line to the very corners of the mouth to apply matte light shadows, and then covers the lips with a layer of gloss. It makes lips juicy and appetizing.

We wish you success!

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