How to keep your breasts beautiful

Any woman wants to be beautiful, attractive, feminine. And nothing emphasizes femininity like beautiful breasts. Thanks to advertising and the example of many famous ladies, the opinion entered the minds of women that only large breasts can look beautiful and sexy. However, it has been proven that every man understands attractiveness in his own way. Someone seems attractive thin, and someone – plump, someone is interested in breasts of the 5th size, and someone – fits in the palm of your hand. The only thing you will never like is flabby and saggy breasts.

It is better to start caring for your breasts from the moment it is formed, but not too late at any age. To keep your chest toned and elastic, you need to follow these rules.

Do gymnastics

For this it is good to swim, you can go to gyms. But there are a number of exercises that any woman can perform at home. These are, first of all, push-ups from an emphasis lying down. They give the greatest effect when the palms are turned inward, towards each other. When you change the position of the palms, different muscle groups are included in the work, this allows us to consider push-ups as a universal exercise.

Effectively dilution and reduction of arms raised to chest level and bent at the elbows. The forearms are directed upwards. Movements should be performed slowly, trying to bring the shoulder blades together as much as possible when spreading the arms and bring the elbows to touch when mixing. It is good to do this exercise with dumbbells in your hands. If there are no dumbbells in the house, plastic bottles filled with sand or water of a suitable capacity will do (depending on the state of health and the desired result).

The most accessible, but very effective exercise: hands raised to chest level, palms joined and directed upwards (as in prayer) or inward. Slowly squeeze and unclench your palms. A variant is possible when the hands do not touch with the palms, but with the fingertips, which is even more effective.

Carry out water procedures

Very useful hydromassage, dousing the décolleté and chest area with warm and cold water alternately. Finish pouring with cold water. A wonderful result gives rubdown with pieces of ice. Freezing water should be of good quality, preferably mineral. It is useful to make ice from decoctions of herbs – mint, chamomile, calendula and others – depending on the type of skin.

Wear the right underwear

It is desirable for everyone to wear a bra from the moment the mammary glands form. But if the crease under the bust holds the pencil, wearing a bra becomes mandatory. You forget about the right underwear while wearing it. It is important that the bra does not squeeze the mammary glands (this is fraught with stagnation of blood and lymph and, as a result, various diseases), but also not too spacious (in this case, wearing it simply loses its meaning). And one more thing: you can’t wear a bra around the clock, at least at night the body should rest.

Maintain skin health and elasticity

Breast skin care is not much different from face care, and the décolleté area of ​​good cosmetologists is generally included in the concept of “face”. Therefore, all techniques used for the face are also suitable for the chest and décolleté. When choosing cosmetics, be sure to follow the rule: you can use products intended for all ages or for younger people, but you can not use series addressed to people older than you.

There are special products for tightening the skin of the chest and décolleté – serums, capsules, masks. The general rule for using them: masks are applied after cleansing, but before tonic and creams; serums and capsules – directly under the cream, 5-10 minutes before applying it.

Home remedies are also suitable: masks from vegetables and fruits, cottage cheese, egg yolk, honey, yeast; instead of cream – vegetable oils (preferably olive) with the addition of vitamins A and E, as well as suitable aromatic oils.

Very good, not only for the chest, but for the whole body home peeling. To do this, mix in equal proportions finely ground kitchen salt and cream. With the help of circular massage movements, the resulting mass is rubbed on the still wet washed body, after which it is well rinsed with warm water. If conditions permit, it is better not to dry yourself, but to simply let the body dry. The cream nourishes and moisturizes the skin, while the salt allows the cells to retain moisture.

Avoid sudden weight loss or weight gain

The female breast consists of mammary glands, surrounded by connective tissue and a layer of fat, there are no muscles in it. The sheath that gives the breast its shape is the skin. It is the amount of fat that determines the size of the breast, and therefore it is the first to respond to an increase or decrease in weight.

When a woman gains weight quickly and strongly, stretch marks form on the skin. If, nevertheless, weight gain is unavoidable (for example, during pregnancy), special means should be used to prevent the appearance of stretch marks. More often they contain a base – almond oil, apricot or grape seed oil, jojoba – and additives of aromatic oils (neroli, ginger, juniper, petitgrain, frankincense, mandarin).

It must be remembered that any natural product can cause allergies in someone, and a number of essential oils (in particular, cedar, juniper, rosemary) are contraindicated during pregnancy. Therefore, the choice of such funds should be treated very carefully, taking into account individual intolerance and health status.

With a sharp weight loss, the skin does not have time to contract, so the chest becomes flabby and sags. If this could not be avoided, following the rules listed above will help restore the lost beauty over time.

Do not sunbathe without a swimsuit

If you still have to be in the sun, you need to use a sunscreen with a high degree of protection.

Thus, it is quite possible to achieve a beautiful breast shape on your own.

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