How to keep your breasts in shape

When asked what beautiful breasts look like, everyone chooses the answer for himself. Someone likes big and lush, someone likes a small teenage one. But all connoisseurs of the female breast are united in one thing – beautiful breasts are elastic breasts.

There is a simple express method for determining the elasticity of the breast – attach a pencil to the crease under the mammary gland and release. If he fell – rejoice, you are lucky, your chest is elastic and keeps its shape well. If it is held by the inframammary fold – also rejoice, your chest perfectly holds the pencil. But you can take care of your beauty more persistently and regularly.

The size and shape of the breasts are genetically inherent in every woman, and only the skillful hands of a surgeon can radically change them. But to preserve for many years what is given by nature, women are simply obliged.

To do this, you should know the reasons for the loss of skin tone and chest muscles, and how to counter it.

The most important rule is hydration. Everyone already remembers well that our cells are 90% water, and regularly drink water in the morning and moisturize the skin of the face by rubbing it with an ice cube. Do the same with the skin of the neck, décolleté and chest.

The same rule includes a wonderful habit of taking a contrast shower in the morning, ending with a dousing with cold water. If you add hydromassage to this, the effect will be amazing. Adjust water pressure and temperature. Make sure that the pressure is not too strong, otherwise you can stretch the skin and the effect will be the opposite. Gently massage the chest, making circular movements upwards, massage the area under the breasts and the lateral intercostal region, which are responsible for the height of the chest. Direct the jet of water up, then to the armpits. Gently and gently massage the nipple area. It is good to gradually reduce the temperature of the water, only moderately, so as not to catch a cold. After a shower, vigorously rub the skin with a towel and apply a nourishing cream.

A similar method is massage with a scattered jet. Direct the jet from the ribs to the shoulders, simultaneously capturing the décolleté area.

Baths with sea salt are also useful, no more than 15-20 minutes.

How to strengthen chest muscles with massage

This massage is best done immediately after taking a shower or bath. You can use oil for breast enlargement, this will further enhance the effect of massage.

Apply a little oil to your hands, gently spread over the skin and massage the breasts in circular motions. On top of the chest, you can massage more intensively. On the chest, the movements of the hands are directed towards the center, and under the chest and above – from the center. Perform massage for 3-5 minutes.

Improving breast firmness and even a slight increase in volume with manual massage is quite achievable if you massage regularly.

A classic chest exercise that everyone has loved since high school is to put your hands palms up in front of your chest and press them while tensing your chest muscles. The beauty of this exercise is that you can do it anywhere and as much as you like, no harm, and the benefits are huge.

What should not be done so that the breast keeps its shape and elasticity for a long time

Or do if you are aiming for saggy breasts and loose skin on the décolleté.

Breasts’ biggest friend, the bra, can be their enemy if not properly fitted. From the constant wearing of uncomfortable underwear, the glands are squeezed, all the vessels are injured, even the spine can bend.

Incorrect posture, the habit of stooping, bending also do not add beauty and seductiveness to your bust, they also reduce its natural size. volume.

Our favorite radical diets – five kilograms from Monday to Sunday – are the enemies of our breasts. Because with a sharp weight loss, the chest loses weight in the first place, the skin sharply loses subcutaneous fat and sags. Then she may recover, but she is unlikely to want to rise.

And a frequent enemy of our breasts is improper breast care during pregnancy and lactation. If you forget about yourself at that wonderful period, do not massage with special caring creams and wear special bras for nursing mothers, your breasts will remember your neglect for it for a long time.

Here are some simple tips, my dear. Use them, give your breasts a couple of minutes of attention – and your reflection in the mirror and the enthusiastic looks of men will delight you for many years.

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