How to keep your buttocks in shape

A lot of people think that for men, the most sexy part of the female beautiful body is the chest. Dear ladies, you are very mistaken, because there is nothing sexier than your lovely ass.

But, unfortunately, in our time there are not so many girls with perfect buttocks. No offense is said, because we know that girls are beautiful each in their own way. But do not forget that the strong half of humanity is very fastidious. For men, someone’s fifth point is very huge, someone’s is too miniature or flat, someone’s inelastic.

The problem is that the gluteal muscles do not work in our daily life. Unless if you walk 5 kilometers a day, then your legs will be pumped up. Isn’t it better to do several exercises, a couple of races a week, spending a minimum of time on it, so that your buttocks are elastic and attractive. And the men around you admired you.

There are a couple of complex exercises that are recommended to be completed in two days. So you don’t get bored quickly and you don’t need much effort. Classes are preferably carried out barefoot. On an ordinary carpet at home. Everything is easy and convenient at no cost.

And so we begin, dear girls.

Lie on your stomach on the floor, keep your legs straight. Then with the left foot we make a circular motion 10 times. And the same with the right foot. When performing, you should feel tension in the buttocks. Do you feel? If yes, it means that you are doing everything right. And attention, you need to rotate not with the foot itself, but with the whole leg from the hip.

Now we sit down, keep our back straight, straighten our legs and lie next to each other. And now, leaning on our hands, we raise the buttocks. So repeat 20 times.

The exercise is also very effective – crawling, moving on the buttocks. Sit as in the previous exercise. You can put your hands on your feet. Now try to move your buttocks forward then back. 10 attempts to move will be enough. And if you don’t quite succeed, don’t despair, after a couple of weeks it will turn out much better.

Now let’s do 10 completion squats. Stand with your legs straight a little wider than shoulder width apart, now we squat, keeping your back straight, without taking your feet off the track. And so on in a circle.

Now run to the bathroom. Be sure to massage the buttocks with a hard washcloth, and then lubricate with cream.

That’s all. A little effort and amazing results. Dear girls, always remain attractive and desirable. You deserve it.

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