How to keep your hair color

For any girl or mature woman, well-groomed hair is an important attribute that emphasizes their beauty. Thick, smooth, silky smooth or wavy hair is the first thing men see when they see women. Therefore, it is very important to keep the hair the way it is by nature.

There are traditional medicine methods that help preserve hair color in girls. For example, blondes can use chamomile decoctions as a hair rinse, thereby giving their hair a golden hue and flawless shine. For brown-haired women, oak bark is intended, which helps to strengthen hair and preserve a rich dark color.

It is also known that natural and climatic environmental factors influence hair color in women. It is recommended to protect the hair from the intense sun, to cover it with certain headwear, to avoid raindrops on the hair and not to wet it in pools with chlorinated water. It should not be abused with cosmetics purchased in stores. As persuasive as TV ads for hair care cosmetics are, they still contain 60% of chemical ingredients that have a negative effect on your hair color.

Often, in order to bring saturation and brightness to the hair color, many girls use certain hair dyes. If you still began to dye your hair, then here the problem of preserving the chosen hair color arises. It is necessary to dye your hair at least once every two months. And if you prefer light shades, then you need to dye your hair even more often. Many blondes, to maintain their hair color, tint only the roots, thereby evening out the color.

To keep the hair color the way it is after the first hair coloring, it is necessary to wash your hair no more than once every three days. Although many of us are used to washing our hair daily, this is not considered true. If the hair quickly becomes greasy, then it is hardly worthwhile for them to arrange water procedures every day. You should simply turn to other methods, for example, to the use of certain vitamins.

Hot water has a negative effect on hair color and structure, so you should wash your hair with warm or slightly cool water.

It is also necessary to use only a special shampoo for colored hair, thereby the hair color will last as long as possible.

Many cosmetic products for hair, such as foams, mousses, varnishes, have a negative effect on hair. Frequent use of such products worsen the color of the hair, giving it dullness and not brightness.

Hot air also has a negative effect on the hair. Therefore, after washing your hair, do not dry them with a hairdryer. It is much more useful if the hair dries naturally!

Well, in general, if you have beautiful hair by nature, you should not spoil it with hair dye. According to international beauty standards, the best hair is natural. Dear girls, take care of your hair, do not spoil it with chemicals and take good care of it!

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